Heroes in a Hard Shell

Watzlav 650

desperate Runner trying to get Aumakua counters

♫ They're heroes in a hard shell and they're green. ♫

I first built this deck in November of 2019, during a scoops season for Uprising that gave Weyland a unique new identity and everyone a new agenda as well as this new lockdown mechanic. I always liked RP for it's click compression and this identity allowed Weyland to do something similar without Argus Security or Data Raven.

Initially the deck had Oaktown Renovation so all the agendas were either giving you tempo or taking it from Runner in case of Armed Intimidation. I swapped it around for Vulnerability Audit for some cheeky unexpected wins, but GFI would probably work better. The idea was that you can never advance all the agendas with La Costa Grid and have two spare clicks for your identity and playing Hyoubu Precog Manifold.

But the most important agenda was the newly scooped Cyberdex Sandbox. It was hard to overstate how good it is. See, back in the day there was this little turtle icebreaker called Aumakua and everyone would play it. All the Criminals and Anarch, so basically everyone, because nobody would play Shaper. Everyone knows what Sandbox does by now, it's the most meta defining card Nisei has printed. I just wanted to point out the synergy with Sandstone and Excalibur.

Then @adquen pointed out to me that Uprising will rotate Excalibur from standard play. Without it it was just a badmodernism. Until Salvaged Memories. Now with hindsight we know lockdowns are not competitive, so I jammed in more economy instead of Hyoubu Precog Manifold and gave it a spin. It's not too bad and it's fun to play. So maybe put in some better sentry, such as Trebuchet and GFI since I ratted the Vulnerability Audit out and give it a spin yourself. This is a limited offer!!!

Sure, you can charge your breaker up to strength one on archives, I'm just gonna take 8 when you do that.