Metropole Grid's Auto-Dialer 1st 2-2 in Swedish Nationals

Ochan 9

I brought Metropole grids Auto Dialer to Swedish Nationals because it seemed to be a good mix of being competitively viable and having a unique and fun strategy. After practicing with the deck a full two times on J-net I went 2-2 in the games we played out.

In one of those losing games my opponent got a game loss however due to a deck construction error, so points wise i went 3-1. I ended up winning Nationals in the end being up against Bridgeman in the last round.

In the four games played, my three first ones were all against different Outfit fast advance lists and the last one was Bridgeman playing PE grinder.

I really felt like the deck needed a slight bit more multi access or disruption to be able to deal with the fast advance, the control gameplan was less viable against my opponents.

If I were to change the deck, the first thing I would do, at least for the playing field I was facing, is to remove one Miss Bones for one Docklands Pass. With full hindsight the other Miss Bones was not needed either, but I would still keep at least one in every Criminal deck.

I had a great time meeting the Swedish Netrunner Community and I hope to see you all again as a previously exclusively online player!