NBN 40 Standard (old 21.05)

Diogene 1308

OLD VERSION WITH BAN LIST BEFORE 21.06. Check : https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/66294/nbn-40-standard

BOOM! deck, with 40 cards.


40 cards to go fast and BOOM!

SYNC: Everything, Everywhere makes the tag stick. Everything is about grinding the creds of the runner.

Put that Daily Quest behind Funhouse or Slot Machine.

Bait the runs with NGO Front and Reversed Accounts. If the runner take the bait, good! It grind them of money AND you can now use Hard-Hitting News. If the runner does not take the bait, you either make money or you steal money from them. Win all around.

Thanks to @Amavric and @ShinChan, in my Montreal meta, whose comments were used and integrated to make this deck. 40 cards corp deck is a fun design space!

Fast, fun and furious!

10 Jun 2021 Saan

Nice deck! Seems similar to the one I got 35th at Worlds with. Spin Doctor helps this deck out a LOT, lemme tell you. I still think I prefer using only 1 BOOM! and a Consulting Visit to find it, though. It's just nice to have that other 3 influence used in better ICE. Ice Wall is pretty meh, but Mausolus is hot hot hot in SYNC.

This is my updated version for the time being. I think the Echo Chamber is needed to be able to threaten scoring out, because otherwise you have to score 3 5/3s if you can't find a way to kill the runner, and that's a pretty bad time. Also, I do really like Daily Quest in this deck too (the original version used to run it) but I found I had a really hard time protecting it adequately.

Also, I can't speak highly enough about Predictive Planogram. Being able to help with either money or cards is great, and once the runner is tagged, it does both, allowing you to recover from using HHN as well as dig for your kill cards.

10 Jun 2021 Diogene

@Saan I think your assessment is correct. For this deck, my only design constraint was to keep it at 40 cards. This is important to keep in mind, but it would probably be 44 if I wanted to make the deck more competitive.

This is why I can't afford to put in Mausolus and Consulting Visit, not enough slots. Same goes for Echo Chamber (for which I totally agree).

Predictive Planogram could be used instead of Hedge Fund here, for sure. I chose Hedge Fund because econ was paramount, but losing 1 could definitely be worth it. I'll test the deck with it.

While Daily Quest is tough to protect, it also bait runs like no other. Which lead allow me to use Hard-Hitting News. A runner that turtle up does not let me use my strategy. The goals, with my choices of assets, is to force the runner to run. If the runner makes runs, I get to push my strategy forward. If not, I get to do things that are very good for me, like scoring, stealing credits or getting rich. I think one Reversed Accounts would improve your deck in that aspect.

Also, instead of Ice Wall, in your deck, I propose Crisium Grid. This will give you a possible protection from Apocalypse, against DJ Fenris (usually hosting Steve Cambridge: Master Grifter) and against criminals events (Diversion of Funds). The benefit would be far greater than a weak barrier (which essentially act like Vanilla).

40 cards make the game that much faster, the difference is sensible, especially compared to 49 cards corps. But Apocalypse is nasty against a deck that only has 40 cards.

Thanks for your comments and ideas. They are much appreciated,