This deck is bad against NEH 1-3 @IT Startup (8th)

KrysNB 113

This is deck was born when I, looking at this awesome ice cheatsheet for startup, noticed that not a lot of ICE have more than 5 strength here, and do you know what has 5 strength? A Cybertrooper Talut-powered Chameleon!

So we play around with Paule's Café, Pantograph and, most importantly, Tāo Salonga: Telepresence Magician's ability to gain easy access to servers, the best scenario being an exposed R&D to hammer down with Conduit.

We have Leech to not instantly die to Archer and break some Bioroids without clicking, Prognostic Q-Loop because it hits more than half the deck, a Khusyuk to get a fairly consistent score + swap when needed, a Docklands Pass to pressure HQ a little, Boomerang to break problematic advanceable ICE or apply early pressure and the rest is generic econ / draw.

The problem with this deck is that it severely lacks money and needs time to build up, so obviously it can`t afford to trash assets most of the time.

Well, 3 matches out of 4 were against Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center. They all went about the same: NEH spams, I try to lock centrals, NEH builds a secure remote and filters out agendas with Daily Business Show and unless I am lucky with my Conduit accesses I get outrun.

The other match was against a GameNET: Where Dreams are Real that ran Punitive Counterstrike and I was able to win by having a Rime and a Ping on R&D and running a lot of times with Conduit.

All considered, I don't think this is a good deck, but it was fun to build and play and it confirmed my suspicion that Tao is a really really good Identity.

30 Apr 2021 ArminFirecracker

Cool thing. I tried putting Q-Loop already many times into Shaper. But it was never really worth it for me ;( Now with the new hardwares and virus programs it might work a bit better.

7 Jun 2021 cadence

I ran a deck similar to this at a recent tournament - I still didn't win vs the 1 NEH player, but Paricia came in clutch for trashing their assets. Thanks for the suggestion to use Prognostic, I never considered that. I'll probably post my decklist some day.