Project Takebug (3rd Bielefeld SC 4:1)

Vocke 183

After playing this deck on Jinteki for a while (under the name Yharnam), I decided to play this on the Store Championship in my home town to do something different than the usual CI decks.

It was a surprise how many people showed up, and I think all of them were playing pretty well.

3 flatlines this day and one GT score with RPC, although it was really the end of the game and maybe not so surprising against a Smoke ran out of stealth credits.

Two of the flatlines were done this way: Installed Junebug advance advance, an Archer right before it, rez -> forfeit Hostile Takeover -> 4 tokens on Junebug -> access -> I <3 you.

I admit that is not so artsy, but consider this combo: Advance a junebug with Oberth Protocol to a high lvl, install naked GT. If the Runner bites, tutor with Project Atlas the missing Back Channels or Punitive Counterstrike and start a trace she/he won't survive. If he/she doesn't bite, tutor your Red Planet Couriers and win. It is not unlikely that the runner has 0 agenda points at that point, considering how often a runner takes News Team for -1 pointers.

That being said, it also explains the unicorn going into GFI. I only found one deckslot, but still I think it is a better idea to play this over one or two Hunter Seekers, since even small amount of agenda points matter in this deck and also it is not too important to trash runners cards (even Film critic can be played arround with a well set trap).

This deck offers many tactics, some of them are good, some of them aren't. It takes a while to get used to the mechanics and to know when to take a risk, but it can be very rewarding.

The idea of this deck was influenced by and by

Possible changes: -1 Mirāju, +1 Breached Dome or Mushin No Shin. I used to play both other versions on with success. Mirāju was a change I made to counter Indexing. Needs further testing though, if it is really necessary.

WARNING: I accidently published a wrong version, a last minute change I did not make: The version I played was -1 Cyberdex Virus Suite, +1 Punitive Counterstrike.

Give it a shot!

5 Feb 2018 Sanjay

Thank you very much for publishing! I find Jemison hard to build but I'm interested in it, so seeing more lists is invaluable.

And this one specifically is really cool. I love the News Team idea... such cool synergy with the rest of your plans.

5 Feb 2018 Vocke

Thank you for your comment :). I am happy to see people interested in Jemison, and I also hope to see more lists. It is one of my favourite ID's, but unfortunately not many archetypes are effective.

8 Feb 2018 Saan

Glad you liked my deck =D

8 Feb 2018 Vocke

@Saan I really do! Maybe not too much is left of it in this version, but it influenced me very much!

8 Feb 2018 Vocke

@Saan I really do! That Deck really caught my attention, as it was the first Weyland Deck in a while which was fast and effective.

8 Feb 2018 Vocke

@Saan Yes I really did :) ! Too bad that it isnt legal anymore :)

8 Feb 2018 Vocke

@Saan One of the coolest :)