Penguins for Days (3rd at Augsburg SC)

Katyana 89

After playing a year I got into the top 3 of a Store Championship! yay

Starting point was the SC19 Stealth Jesminder. Instead of Employee Strike I added Film Critic as my unicorn- which came in handy encountering Future Perfect and other beautiful things. Cutting the Daily Cast felt bad, but I like the burst econ Stimhack gives. Instead of using Turning Wheel I went for high impact runs with Legwork and Maker's Eye. Also this is fun if you reveal the first card with Equivocation, decide wether you want the corp to have something they don't need right now or leave it be. Because maybe it's an agenda you want to fetch later that turn or it's something you burry with Maya later. If you let the corp draw that you can burry one of the next cards you accessed through multi access with Maya. Fun times! Also don't forget the penguins! Have some fluffballs

9 Mar 2019 DonLoverGate

Is Corroder the way to go? I don't love Blackstone, but have you considered Lady/Inti as your fracter?

26 Mar 2019 Vortilion

Why Penguins?

28 Mar 2019 Ali0r

What to use DJ Fenris for?

30 Apr 2019 North

@VortilionThere's a penguin in the art for Hot Pursuit :D @KrsOneTypically for Liza Talking Thunder if early on I believe - with Jes you get the card draw off the run, but don't have to deal with the tag.

3 May 2019 Katyana

@North thanks for answering! I totally forgot to answer the questions xD @KrsOneyes- DJ with Liza is great early on. In the late game you could think about taking Quetzal but until now I never did that. @DonLoverGateI tried Inti only, which was a really bad idea. I also tried Gauss which is a great fracter within the round it is installed. Haven't tried Lady yet.