What's an Agenda? Wrong Answers Only

SuperStranger 517

Let's get down to it; how do you win netrunner? By scoring points, of course! The solution, then, is obvious...


We want to put as many points in our deck as possible to maximize our chances of winning. "But SuperStranger!" I hear you cry out, "won't the runner just steal them?" Well, that's where you're wrong! When the runner thinks they've found some valuable points, it hurts them instead! Or finds out where they live. Or maybe is just some mildly upsetting faces. Perhaps those points are fleeting, or vanish into our own score area.

"But won't the runner just build a big rig and poke into all our centrals?" you say? Of course they will. Maybe they'll find some points, but maybe they'll attract the paparazzi, or see that we're actually really great people. Especially if we throw those plans in the garbage - they won't want to look in there again, surely. So toss your real points into the bin, they'll be fine (I think). And a big rig means a big presence, which can sometimes work in our favor.

Still with me? Cool.

We have 20 points in our deck, -3 for our GFIs, -3 for the Quantum Predictive Models they won't be stealing, -1 for 15 Minutes that we'll take right back, and -3 for the tags they won't take on News Team. That leaves - in a reasonably achieved best case scenario - a whopping 10 points for the runner to find.

Meanwhile, we have 20 points to score, +3 Echo Chamber Points, +6 False Flag points, +3 Gene Splicer Points, and an odd point or two that we might be able to squeeze out on Project Beale. That puts us around 34 points.

I like these numbers.

The Plan

This deck is a combination of asset spam and trap deck, trying to condition the runner to ignore us any time we IAA a card. Between Gene Splicer, Cerebral Overwriter, and NGO Front, we want the runner to eventually stop ramming their face into everything we put down. If they run even the naked installed cards, make them News Teams and Spin Doctors. The runner wasting clicks on our asset spam is fine too, as long as we can pull ahead economy-wise, or make them take a few tags while they do it. Runners hate tags.

If the runner isn't running, score an early agenda to put the pressure on. Try to keep at least one target alive on the board for Space Camp if you can. Your ice is mostly annoying gearcheck, so get a piece on your centrals and use a Funhouse or two to dissuade the runner from poking your remotes too frequently.

Fake Points

False Flag: In my experience, runners don't respect this card. They really don't. Leave it on the board and let your Space Camps build it up, or give it an advancement or two here and there. Echo Chamber: If they don't run it, a free point for you. These add up. An excellent closer. Gene Splicer: Don't be afraid to leave this on the board for a long time and make it a kill threat, then pop it when you need the points.


15 Minutes: Not a real point for them, unless the runner is already at 6. Global Food Initiative: You're likely not going to score these, but taking another 3 points out of this deck feels very very good. Puppet Master: Very jank, but pure gas when they finally get fed up with your disappointing IAAs. Take the advancements all the way to False Flag town. Quantum Predictive Model: Stick these behind a Funhouse or (even two) as soon as you can. Let them sit if you have to. Basically letting the runner click to score them for you.
10 Jun 2022 ZRZK2127

Don't get offended by this but your deck has gotten my ass kicked in Standard every single time.

I've played 8 straight games of it and it has no powerful ICE, R&D gets hacked constantly by meme decks that draw over and over while you scramble to draw anything useful for the entirety of the match.

To top it all off the econ gets worse as you get into lategame instead of otherwise, as usual. News Team was a happy addition that delayed imminent loss and stretched the game further, the Runners leaving sometimes without saying a word at the disappointment that was this deck. A waste of time for everyone involved.

Hard to believe it's as rated as it is but at least I like witnessing megacorporations getting destroyed, even if it's in metaphorical gameplay and I happen to be the megacorporation that gets destroyed. Every Runner deck has a Fracter program, Wraparound is a useless draw where you end up shamefully being forced to rez something that you think is strong for the runner to immediatly install anything Fracter to just drop it to 0. I know I'll be trashing this deck once I'm done writing this.

"What the hell were they thinking!?" said the competition board member as they laughed and shut off the satellital feed of the smoldering carcass that is the Near Earth Hub now, taken down by a single bottle rocket.

13 Jun 2022 SuperStranger

I will try not to take your absolutely brutal deconstruction of my deck to heart! Love the flavor text at the end though.

I don’t play much Standard, but I occasionally dabble in it for jank purposes. My Standard decks don’t aim to be “good”, or reward solid fundamentals, or even be remotely competitively viable; this deck plays False Flag and Puppet Master, it’s gonna be stupid time.

But hey, if you’d like some tips, I can direct you to the Metropole) Grid youtube channel, where its first game was piloted to a win. I also have a whopping 40% win rate with this deck at the moment, so I assure you, it's possible! I believe in you.