Maximum Punk Leela

TechnoZ 18

This is my variant of locusshifter's super amazing Leela build. In my testing with the deck, I found that I was running out of Overmind counters too quickly and the solution that I came up with was to take out 1 Indexing and add 1 Eater. That way I could use eater for Siphon, Indexing, Keyhole, and shard instal runs, and use Overmind / grappling Hook + e3 for HQ / RnD access, archives, and remote server runs. This proved incredibly helpful and let Leela have tons of MaxX-like pressure. I even tried to add Wanton Destruction at one point lol, but it didn't work well at all with planned assault and criminals lack of ability to gain extra clicks. I copied locusshifter's original comments about the deck and some of its other unique features below. Feel free to post and tell me what you think of the changes and the deck as a whole!

Breaker Suite:

Grappling Hook + E3 Feedback Impants is not to be underestimated. E3 + Overmind is wonderful, and incredibly flexible; your overminds will last more than long enough to trash and chip an OM back in or install another. The key, for me, has been using Inside Job at the right times. You can easily plow through 3 pieces of ice if you have to using some combination of these things. The key is not running too often thereby not allowing them to rez ice before you can bounce it or have the tools in place to deal with it.

Everyone says this is nuts, however this is the second build I've used it in to great success.

Other Choices:

2 HQ interfaces makes this deck sing. It makes sure you get 1, which is often more than enough. This deck makes the corps have to slow down too, which means HQ will often have 2 or more agendas.

Armitage Codebusting over Security Testing. It's obvious to me now, but previously I always had a unprotected remote, or archives, to collect cash from. Now I see the benefit of the 1 cost AC and it's burstier economy. It also means with an AC and Kati on the board the corp has to think a LOT harder, and again, this can slow them down.

Mr Li has been all the draw I need. Logos normally only goes off a couple times per game, and while it's a boon, just drawing (even without Mr Li) has always been enough.

Indexing is always a winner. It's twice as good against Jinteki. I also have Keyhole here for Jinteki, or anyone else foolish enough to leave R&D lightly or completely unprotected early.

Utopia Shard will never be consistently helpful, but when you get one it makes the HQIs twice as good.

Unscheduled Maintenance has been amazing. The more I use it the more glad I am to have it. I even found that it makes RP's life MUCH harder.

3 Mar 2015 casteffens

@TechnoZ how has the deck worked for you?

4 Mar 2015 TechnoZ

@casteffens Very well, the changes also make the glacier matchup stronger, for when you have to repeatedly break taxing ice. One thing that I recommend is looking carefully into each of the top tier runners right now, because Leela is great, but so are the MaxX, Reina, Noise, and Kate decks floating around. Just test the ones that look best suited for your play style and pick whichever one you have the highest win rate with!

5 Mar 2015 casteffens

@TechnoZ So what happens when Swordsman is ressed in front of R&D/HQ. Run it only 4x with Grappling Hook and Clone Chip? Did that last night to a similar deck, but the runner had a Femme Fatale to get through.

5 Mar 2015 TechnoZ

@casteffens Swordsman is super overrated in my opinion, it doesn't end the run, and sure having your AI trashed is a pain in the butt, but this deck has 4 AI breakers and two clone chips, so getting an AI breaker back quickly is rarely hard to do, and when they trash your AI it also gave you a strong keyhole or siphon run, which isn't very good for the corp anyways. But yes, at times when it is crucial to keep your breaker and get past a swordsman, grappling hook has your back.