[Startup] GameNET: Where Dreams Go to Die II

Xak 26

9 Nov 2021 wiriamu

I really liked your earlier version! How are these changes treating you? Ever thought about updating it for standard too?

9 Nov 2021 Xak

@uiriamu I haven't been able to play with these tweaks much, but the Skunkworks swap was an attempt at making the remote more taxing at the cost of making HQ a little less taxing, which would make the phase of the game where you have the punitives in hand and want to force a steal + credit differential, easier. The extra Magnet was just an attempt to tech against virus decks, but could easily be switched back to Sprint.

Without Gold Farmer, I think this econ gameplan out of this ID falls apart, so I haven't tried to tweak this into a standard deck. Turning Wheel also makes this game-plan difficult, since the runner can just sit back, make money + wheel counters, and win on one huge R&D run. But I'd love to see a brew of this in standard if you give it a go :)