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Kelfecil 1806

2nd place Belgian Nationals Report with deck explanation :

6 Jul 2015 presheaf

A Nisei Division deck placed second at Nationals without even a Snowflake? This is beautiful.

6 Jul 2015 Dydra

Well, no offence, but nothing really original here. Just a staple build with good ICE and ofc the must-play dual punishment for Cerebral Cast. Congratz on the 2nd place, must have been an effort piloting this, not being a tier 1 deck, but just some solid cards. :)

6 Jul 2015 Argamas

When people say "no offense", it's usually is an insult.

Well played Kel, your dedication to Jinteki finally paid off.

6 Jul 2015 Ilza

Interesting deck, have you thought about swapping the ID for Biotech?

6 Jul 2015 Friff14

@Argamas When people say anything at all and happen to be called @Dydra, it's usually an insult.

6 Jul 2015 Kelfecil

@Dydra it really depends on how you play those cards too though ;) Read the report if you are interested about that.

6 Jul 2015 Kelfecil

@Dydra it really depends on how you play those cards too though ;) Read the report if you are interested about that. Plus, I don't see how it's a "staple build" when you have an Agenda suite that I've seen noone else play, x1 Junebug, x2 Kitsune and Cerebral Cast. Where is the staple in that? :)

6 Jul 2015 Dydra

I've played a lot of Braintrusts in my Nisei builds from 1-2 months ago (feel free to check some if u like) and the others are pretty standard as well. Kitsune in a Jinteki deck with a Snare/Scorch is a pretty blinding obvious choice as well. Has been around since the card came out.

I'm talking about the Eli 1.0 , Tollbooth ... Nisei got such nice cards recently - Lockdown , Clairvoyant Monitor , Marcus Batty and I don't see any of them. That's why I said, to me, it seems pretty "staple build" as far as Nisei builds go.

The junebug is a cute oddie, but I doubt you've blown up 2-3 people with it.

6 Jul 2015 Kelfecil

Well don't get me wrong, but I don't see them played competetively enough so I wouldn't consider them "staple". I didn't have Marcus Batty yet by the way, otherwise I would have played him and I would have probably done something weird with it. I had Mamba in the build before but I removed it for the sake of another Kitsune.

I read some of your decks, and I think you should just go and read my Neural Secrets article on to understand that we are pretty much coming from the same background (loyal Jinteki players) so please understand when I say that I don't like it when someone says "staple" build something that has barely ever even been seen on a premier tier event (let alone get 2nd place). The article:

As a Jinteki player, you should know better and actually praise a player that managed to make something like it work instead of saying "staple build".

6 Jul 2015 Dydra

I see where the issue is. :) We are simply arguing about different things. Your argument is that this isn't staple, because everyone plays RP. Where as what I'm trying say that as far as Nisei ( not Jinteki ) builds go, all seems pretty standard to me. This is by no means to take away credit from you pilotting this uncommon ID to 2nd place. As I've played it a fair amount, I know how taxing it could be on the player's mentality.

So make no mistake this is a great victory for you and for the ID.

6 Jul 2015 dodgepong

Don't mind Dydra, he's just being Dydra.

Regardless, this deck looks like fun! I've been toying around with a similar Nisei Division deck, but including Batty now that he's out. I'm still finding my way on it in terms of glacier vs. kill, and I think yours strikes that balance nicely. There are a lot of different directions one could go with it.

Curious about only 2x Jackson, though.

6 Jul 2015 Kelfecil

Not enough influence and I really wanted the x3 Eli 1.0 and the x1 Tollbooth in order to actually be well protected end-game and be able to score. I don't really like Jackson Howard though, it just felt essential with Noise being a thing lately (which was my demise in the finals! xD )

7 Jul 2015 Glitch

Congrats on the high placement at Nationals, it's always great to see underdog style IDs getting some of the spotlight!

7 Jul 2015 zboisselle

I read your deck list and have been trying to think on it a lot because I want to play nisei. When do you find it normally pays off for psi game cards? I do see you have some in there but am a little concerned it wont pay off in time to be worth it.

7 Jul 2015 Disaster Area

Congrats, the fact you piloted this and Silhouette to the National Final is freakin awesome (x2). Inspirational. Kudos to you! :-D

7 Jul 2015 Kelfecil

Thanks guys! :) @zboisselle, my friend Stiv said the same thing, "you are playing a blank ID." Personally I found it to be a lot more than that, because the difference it makes counts for a lot in the times that it's really needed. The pressure that is made with Caprice is amazing, because they only realize it after they get to the psi game that "oh damn..he can spend even 2 and he won't have that much of an economy-tempo hit." Plus it makes Cerebral Cast a lot more easier to play with EMP and Scorch.

You can try it with other IDs, I just personally find Nisei really good when it comes to the psi games, that's all. (your opponent knowing you can spend anything from -1 to 1 credit instead of the normal thing is why I like it)

Be reminded that just like Dydra mentioned, there are quite a few good cards for it now out there and Batty is a must-include right now for this deck. I just didn't have the Chrome City data pack yet. :)

8 Jul 2015 SlySquid

As a Jinteki player I'm happy you did this good, but as a Nisei player I'm stoked that people can start to see the power this ID can bring, let's face it normal psi games are hard for the runner but now you can skew the game even more! Fuck YA!

8 Jul 2015 pruneface

@Kelfecil I'm really digging the deck! I have some questions, if that's OK?

  • What do you think you might drop to run Batty out of ND?
  • Also, this is probably a stupid question, but would you consider running a singleton Defective Brainchips to combo with Cerebral casts - or is that a different deck? (admittedly this costs influence you don't have).
  • Do you think that Allele suppression could possibly replace Jackson / have a place in this deck?
8 Jul 2015 Kelfecil


  • You could drop one of the two Kitsunes, although that would reduce the amount of ICE you have in your deck. Maybe a Caprice Nisei too? (It can be just as good)

  • Defective brainchips costs influence. If you are ok with removing the Tollbooth then sure, but that would also reduce the amount of ice and how good ICE you have to actually score things. (Tollbooth is a good tempo hit for the unaware runner, especially with a Caprice behind it). I would rather play an Ichi 1.0 if I am running a Batty though instead of the Tollbooth in that case.

  • No I wouldn't do that. Allelle suppression seems great and all, but it costs credits and you will need to improve the economy of the deck if you do that. It's also an easy to trash card when accessed to R&D so I wouldn't add more "easy to trash" things in there.

I'm gonna make a "how to deckbuild" runner and corp pair of articles so I'll explain a couple things like those in there. :)

8 Jul 2015 kmatz84

I can't wait to try this deck. I've been looking for a nice mix of taxing/kill/score out. I too an curious as to how you'd work in Marcus Batty actually.

What are your thoughts @Kelfecil Of dropping Tollbooth, 1 Kitsune, Project Junebug, 1 Eli 1.0 and a Caprice Nisei for a Wraparound (I'm thinking a hard stop for any Eater deck - or to be turned back on once you Batty their Fracter), 2 Marcus Batty, a Komainu (another nice Batty target into a Snare!/Batty server) and a Ichi 1.0.

Alternatively, maybe no Komainu and throw in a Lockdown instead?

Cheers for uploading a fantastic looking deck!

8 Jul 2015 Kelfecil

@kmatz84 I wouldn't do Komainu, only one of the subroutines would trigger, and it costs a lot. Ichi 1.0 is a much better choise imho. I have swordsman for eater-stopping, but I guess Wraparound would make it even better. But yeah, you can remove the Junebug for a Batty since the Junebug is also an "easy-to-trash" card. Elis and Caprices are always good, don't be too fast with removing those.

8 Jul 2015 kmatz84

@Kelfecil Fair point. I neglected to think about how Batty would interact with Komainu. Maybe something as simple as a Neural Katana?

It's really hard to see where you can take away from. Maybe a Psychic Field for another Caprice and a Lockdown for Yagura.

The more I look at it, maybe Batty fits only as a one of on a fringe case.

9 Jul 2015 Kelfecil

@kmatz84 Yeah, don't rely too much on combos. I would remove a Psychic Field but I wouldn't remove the Yagura. It's a cheap and nice little piece of ice to have.

16 Jul 2015 ODie

Wouldn't Batty be excellent alongside Komainu? No need for House of Knives to get a surprise flatline of they have no Killer in play - encounter adds the usual X subroutines and then in the paid ability window, you deliver the X+1th net damage.

16 Jul 2015 Kelfecil

True @ODie, but trust me when I say that noone runs without a Sentry breaker against any Jinteki ID.