RP aka Yellowtree (-RP +Azmari), 2-2 @ SC Berlin

nimzowitsch 59

This is the corp list I've brought to the SC Berlin yesterday and came in 7th out of 12 players, winning against Hoshiko and Steve, losing to Sunny and MaxX. It's really fun to pilot and I've always looked forward to the games with it.

A red cat

(Your opponents while they try to figure out just how many tags they will take by running that maybe-kitten in the remote.)

It's basically the same as the last version, but in Azmari and with other minor changes:

The biggest change of course is switching NBN: Reality Plus for Azmari EdTech: Shaping the Future. While I really like RP's ability (and the art!), in this deck Azmari seems just better:

  • you get valuable credits earlier and more consistently
  • there is not much operation econ, so you would almost never draw but are happy to take the credits
  • you only have two tagging effects on your turn
8 Nov 2021 5N00P1

I always had the feeling Azmari wants to play fast, but your deck seems to be the opposit. How do you think about it?

8 Nov 2021 Bl4nk3t

I really like the addition of Seamless Launch but am dubious about Prisec and AMAZE Amusements in -not-reality+- . The same with Mausolus - is it still worth its 3 Inf when not in Reality Plus? How would you feel about Authenticator instead? This could free up influence to get Nico Campaign in place of Regolith Mining License...

8 Nov 2021 114141

@Bl4nk3t When I played a Regolith Mining License in a similar list, it felt great to have an instant influx in credits. Regolith gives you more credits total and something to do with your clicks, which can be nice with this list. I'm also not sure if you want the Draw Nico provides.

8 Nov 2021 114141

@nimzowitschhow did you feel with Mausolus against PAD Tap? Are the Snare!s still worth it?

8 Nov 2021 nimzowitsch

@Bl4nk3t You will need a way to tag the runner multiple times, otherwise Exchange of Information will never fire (except that one-of Tomorrow's Headline play). Even in R+ you will rarely get any ID triggers from Prisec or AMAZE Amusements, because the runner usually passed a Funhouse before anyway.

But maybe you're right and Public Trail into Hard-Hitting News is a more viable tagging strategy.

@114141 @Bl4nk3t I agree that Mausolus could probably be something else and it was indeed abused to get credits via PAD Tap.

@114141 Snare!s still "reliably" mess up with the runner's calculation of how many tags they will have to clear after a run. Which I think is important in that kind of list. If they always have to respect a Snare! firing, they have to run even earlier in the turn, which behind two Funhouses means first click (without tech). But it's really sad against Stargate :/. I'll probably try out a version with a more "traditional" way of inflicting tag-hell...

9 Nov 2021 Bl4nk3t

Since you don't really need the runner to be drowning in tags in order to exchange, experience has shown that (as an alternative to a over-confident runner) double Public Trail is usually enough to enable a tag for a corresponding exchange. For more consistency one could add Economic Warfare if you really want to go that way. This is already half the way to include HHN. But beware - since this is not R+ , your tag ice is considerably weaker once the runner has accepted damnation to tag hell - and IP Block and Thoth only marginally stronger.

On a different note Psychographics does its first good with 2 tags on the runner (which would usually mean, the runner has accepted their tag-laden fate) and stops being more useful at about 4 tags (to score GFI / Bellona from HQ) . For the potential alone I was always a fan of the 7-Pont Beale (Install-advance-Psychographics for 12) - but changing up the agenda composition might be a bit drastic of a change....