InversifiKitter - 3rd place at ANRPC Charity Tournament

Ino209 333

This is my spin on the excellent Silence Kit 1.5 decklist from a week or so ago. SyntaxBad's write up tells you more or less all you need to know about the tricks for playing Inversificator Kit, so here are my notes on my edits:

I felt like Inversificator non-boed too hard with The Gauntlet, so I decided to try out the new Daredevil console. This was really helpful for tearing through your deck, since opponents almost always double-ice against Kit.

The influence freed up from the Powerglove let me squeeze a Clot in to give me some teeth against typical fast advance decks. Since there are no Clone Chips, I intended to rely on Sac Con to keep them on the table. It turned out to not be super helpful at this tournament, because half of my opponents that day were on Political Dealings.

And I replaced The Personal Touch with System Seizure. System Seizure serves as a free counter to gross corp currents, and since I'm only using one breaker to get in (most of the time) anyway, it can save you a pile of money. Gordian Blade is one of the best decoders because of this ability, why not bolt it on to my Inversificator?