Good stuff Hoshiko 20.06 (1st SF Store Champs 2020)

tzeentchling 905

Apocalypse and Zer0 are crutches.

Faust was good on the day but not amazing, but the deck isn't built around it. It did enable me to challenge remotes or Stargate centrals early as needed though, and pumping its strength to get a bin breaker out of your hand is always a good time. Boomerang took the previously traditional D4v1d role in breaking big or annoying ice.

Lots of tech cards (Hunting Grounds, Citadel Sanctuary, Falsified Credentials) but they all were valuable at various points against the medley of corps played. Stargate is still MVP.

46 cards but who cares, they all go to Faust anyway right?

21 Jun 2020 johnofarc

Nice list. Love the three Falsfieds. Did you play against any damage decks? How did you fare?

22 Jun 2020 tzeentchling

No real damage decks, avoided the one Jinteki in the tournament. I suspect it does fine though, you just don't use Faust unless it's an emergency. Falsified helps with traps/Mushin, you've got enough draw, and you're not pinging yourself with Zer0.

24 Jun 2020 ZiNOS

Is the Legwork important or can it be changed? I would probably exchane it with a The Turning Wheell and the extra influence could go to a 3rd Career Fair (maybe) or another tech card like No One Home or even Political Operative.

27 Jun 2020 tzeentchling

It could definitely be changed if you wanted. The deck honestly has a lot of influence to spend and you could easily make those swaps (even double TW because you want to see it early). But then you're adding another card to an already 46-card deck. I found cuts very hard to make.