The Circle of Life

bblum 4789

Since worlds I've realized that azef is way better than atlas, hence this deck name:

screenshot of me on slack explaining that seamless azef is better than seamless atlas "because it eats spent sandstones and converts them into tucana envelopment - it's the circle of life"

I also drew some inspiration from Dear Mr. Bost, taking the sprint and the 9 agenda suite, which gives you some extra luxury deck slots that let you fit Trojan Horse, which (together with the value meat dmg) really gives stavka+hafrun the support they need to replace skunkworks as your main win con.

This was featured on Ysengrin's stream yesterday and I also took down our local CO with it today, going 3-1 with it and with Az as the runner. Jeff and I will be doing a few more episodes in the Ob deep dive series exploring other builds too so keep tuning in.

7 Jan 2024 CopperBoi

In this build without Hostiles Afshar feels strictly better than Enigma. Generally I think this all in approach to gearchecking is better than the semifastadvance version and thimblerig is a genius addition.

7 Jan 2024 bblum

i was on the afshar until jeff pointed out on stream the 2 strength is better vs all of turtle, shibboleth, and unity. i feel like the strength matters more than the "2 credits vs a click" comparison".

the other factor in afshar's favor though is hippo invulnerability. steven hippoed my winchester in this CO's finals and it was pretty awkward. so it can really go either way imo!

7 Jan 2024 Shishu

I feel like this is the closest you can get to a "reg" Ob. Straightforward gameplan with just enough tricks to keep the runner out when you really need to. Love all your decks! <3

9 Jan 2024 lewishamilton

The undefeated success with the deck in the Seattle event underscored the potential and viability of Shaper in the current metagame, challenging initial assumptions and emphasizing the importance of thorough testing and evaluation in adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of the game. word search