1st Place Antwerp SC: HBFLGBRM-Smoke

ryanbantwins 2043

This deck went 4-1 at the Antwerp SC, with wins against: Reversed CI, Data Loop Palana, Builder of Nations and Skorpios. I lost against another CI after I brainfarted and faceplanted a 4 dmg Brainstorm (turn 2-isch), after that it went quickly downhill.

Mostly similar to my Smoke deck, that I played one week earlier in Düsseldorf. I did swap my Blackstone for a Paperclip again, but I'm still not sure if that's the right call.

With pain in my heart, I swapped the Security Testing and the Bank Job for 2 Liberated Account. This build should have an easier time against Rush/Glacier, while losing a little bit in asset spam match-up.

But most importantly, always play a Notoriety in Shaper.

29 Jan 2018 FREDPI

Yeay Brainstorm