Faust Theory 10th verona regional

b4ralai 1081

The purpose of this deck is simple: win.

That can look obvious, but now lot of decks focus on economy, denial, ice destruction, and so on.

This deck focuses on gaining 7 fucking agenda points as fast and as efficiently as possible.

Gain, not steal.

This is an autopilot deck working on 4 phases

-phase one, turn 1 up to 6: set up in this phase you are going to draw untill you get mopus (or smc) theophilus and game day. Meanwhile, you can install some clonechips, the leprechaun, and force some safe run. Is worthless click mopus for more than 5 credits, since you must be ready to lose all for Theo's drawback

-phase 2, turn +1: wtf install theophilus with your first click (or first and second if you hostage him) and mopus twice to save your hand size. Look at your opponent face---> o.O

-Phase 3: maths spend turns "mopusing" unroll you have exactly X credits, where X=41-cards in hand -1 - card in archives - card in play. once you reach that amount, install hyperdriver on leprechaun. This phase usually take 2 max 3 turns of mopus

-phase 4: show off use hyperdriver for 3 more clicks. Play game day and draw the whole deck. Play Faust, as more clonechips you can, hyperdriver, and sure gambles. Pass.

-phase 4: fireworks use hyperdrive. With 20+ card in hand and 20-30 credit in your pool nothing can stop you. Legwork HQ, ME r&d, run archive looking for 4 points. Clonechip help you setting up the rig you discard to break with Faust. Last 3 click of the turn are 3 notoriety.

Best case scenario, gg wp worst case scenario, 5 points, rig up, load of money, mopus to feed your IB and a levy ready to feed your Faust with another game day. Clot force the Corp to drop agendas down, Faust can be beaten only by caprice.

Gain your fucking points.

Credit goes to aldaris helping me increase the efficiency of this deck.

I run this deck during Verona's regional taking 2 win and 2 timed win (my slow corp glacier forced me to play in 15 minutes).

Sign your pact with mephistopheles.

20 Jul 2015 SlayerCNV

"Bullo" (Chiunque su B4ralai)


20 Jul 2015 BigPopp

We want a description! :)

20 Jul 2015 moonwalker

I've seen this deck in action at the Verona Regional on 2015-07-18 and it's impressive. If the corp has not won by turn 5-6 it's mostly game over.

The runner draws aggressively for Theophilius Bagbiter or Hostage, then gains enough credits with Mopus to play Game Day and draw the rest of the deck. Clot can be installed to slow the corp down by 1 turn. In a setup turn Faust, Hyperdriver and other programs (mostly Deus X in case of Komainu) are installed, and then the game is closed in a "big turn" of Legwork, Indexing+The Maker's Eye, run on Archives, opportunistic run on a remote and 3x Notoriety.

With a hand of 20 cards there are few things that can stop Faust.

21 Jul 2015 benticurus

This deck needs to be more viral. MOAR VIRAL

21 Jul 2015 b4ralai

XD moar!!

21 Jul 2015 gumonshoe

Coincidence that a similar deck showed up in Verona, Wisconsin last night? ;) I think not.

21 Jul 2015 b4ralai

Well, the Verona regional was Italy, didn't know there's one in Wisconsin XD

21 Jul 2015 daytodave

If Caprice is all over the place, we could do Vamp instead of Legwork, maybe with RDI to make up the lost accesses.

22 Jul 2015 paddosan

The flavor text from Faust seems to describe someone like Theophilius Bagbiter, it was a fated combo!

Beautiful deck, and there's really little a corp can do, when you don't have to pay, not even a dime, to break its ice.

22 Jul 2015 just_rob

I tried this out today and had good fun with it. In my first game it took aaaaages to get out Theophilius Bagbiter. Including hostage. In another game I hit Snatch and Grab which killed my early game Theo. I am new to the game so perhaps there are ways to play around this. Couple of questions:

How would you combat a fast advance deck with this deck? If you have to draw through a lot of the deck to find the pieces, what card do you prioritize to keep in hand and what to trash? If I do have a large heap Game Day and Levy AR Lab Access seem to work against each other when in hand. I want to Levy to pull back my large heap into my stack but then I have to hope that game day is in those first 5 cards drawn. Is there a way to play around this effect? Just Use Game day anyway and accept a slightly smaller hand rather than all the cards?

Love the idea.

22 Jul 2015 just_rob

Ok After further play I've started to get more of a hang on the deck. I was over drawing to the expense of not playing netrunner! I tried removing Daily Casts and added in Kati JonesJones. This means that I can store large amounts of credit to allow bagbiter to be played and have a burst of credits ready to keep the hand size in play. It seemed to speed the deck up for me. I really like this Deck. Further play needed!

23 Jul 2015 Leviathan

Took this to a game night last night and the other 3 players had also put together Faust decks, haha. It was a Faust Off! This deck went undefeated and what I thought was a fun night of jank was in fact a MONSTER DECK.

Won against a Marcus Batty RP deck, GRNDL scorch deck (haha yeah right!), and Personal Evolution. In the PE matchup BOTH the Levy AR Lab Access were trashed and I STILL won. In the GRNDL matchup Theo was trashed and I STILL won. In every game the last point was had with Notoriety. Absolutely the MVP of the deck!

The 1 of Theophilius Bagbiter makes the deck a little fragile so I made a few changes. The modified list is right here: netrunnerdb.com

24 Jul 2015 b4ralai

@just_robust_rob Fast advance is defeated by cloth. You can slow down few turns your setup to hold a clot and get easy point. After all this is a shaper deck, so if the situation is good for you feel free to use smc to get your faust, cast a quality time and force a server, or hold cloth for a lot of turns with chip and smc and so on.

The card i NEVER discard during setups are tme, legwork, and notoriety. I put down clonechip as i draw them if my hand is full of useful cards. Any program can (and must most of times) be trashed. Hostage and theophilus must be played asap. Any other card you draw is either part of setup, or a program.

I needed to levy only few times, mostly due to a theophilus kill. Anyway remember that you end you firework turn (often) with a lot of credit. If you didnt win, put down your rig and be aggressive with rig+mopus econ for the last 2-4 points needed. If not enough cast your levy, find gameday and start again.

I like katy jones too, present in version 2 ;)

@Leviathan thanks!

24 Jul 2015 Leviathan

Toying with the list some more. Version 2 right here: netrunnerdb.com

It's so hard figuring out how to change the influence around. Clot seems so important, but so does a Legwork! I go back and forth between those two.

24 Jul 2015 just_rob

Thanks @b4ralai . I've played this deck a lot more now and after some more tweaking it's really starting to do work. I can see how you are using Clot and I will try that too. Another option I had to help with the fast advance is to use Turntable. Once yiu score an agenda then swap that astro or atlas token out. It is also making it easier and more reliable to hit that magic 4 point level. It does not work as well as Clot in the early game though. Against Near-Earth Hub: Broadcast Center I've also been going very aggressive and using mopus to credit up then trash their assets to slow them down. Another tweak I've tried to avoid Theophilius Bagbiter getting hit is the New Angeles City Hall. Helps prevent SEA Source and other tagging effects.

I will keep on running and tweaking this and perhaps publish my build, but your core idea is what makes it work. Really effective and really fun!

24 Jul 2015 just_rob

Perhaps a piece of advice for those trying the deck as I struggled initially with it. Don't go all out for drawing at the expense of setting up. Ditching Self-modifying Code and Clone Chip etc to try and find Theophilius Bagbiter or Hostage is a mistake. You can still run and cause problems to the corp as you build. Yes it may take you a turn longer to get there but your slowing the corp down too by causing issues and means they can't just score out without setting up.

30 Jul 2015 b4ralai

Switching 2 daily casts for Katy Jones is a great advice, thanks! after more tests I can say the deck is really tough, and the only bad matchups are the ones with caprice on R&D. I'm considering turning the last daily cast into a net ready eye, or personal touch. Is really silly, especially in long games, waste 1 more card for architect/toll and any other common 3/5 str ice. In addition NRE become useful against ichi and spiderweb these days, pumping up mimic or inti.

I tried to remove mimic, replaced with a chameleon, and used the influence point to splash a fall guy (useful to gain credit after Theo tax, or to save Theo's ass), but I noticed that I need a permanent killer on table if the fireworks turn end without my 7 points

4 Aug 2015 nbove

Have you considered adding a Utopia Shard to the deck. It seems like the ability to force the Corp to discard 2 cards from HQ would synergize very well with the Legwork on your super high pressure turn. Since you tend to have a ton of extra money anyways, you could always just install the shard the hard way and trash it before doing your Legwork run to 100% clean all agendas out of HQ against any identity except NBN:TWIY* and HB:CI. Seems like it could be strong.

17 Aug 2015 Bandura

@b4ralai, this is a wonderful creation!
You inspired me to create and play my own version, based on Apocalypse instead of Notorieties:
A pity we did not get paired up at Verona, I would have loved to play against you.

21 Aug 2015 Mechanoise

Right, I love this deck - it has amazing capability and has the potential of winning a game in 1 turn's worth of runs; however, there is one thing deeply bugging me - Theophilius Bagbiter. He needs to be installed first, before you start gaining a deck's worth of money; which at that point is going to trigger alarm bells for the corp, they will spot the synergy of installing him and amassing credits, which is when they Breaking News trash, or Contract Killer him - and let's be honest, Contract Killer will be popular in many metas simply because of Film Critic.

I have to remove Clot to give me influence for 2 Fall Guys I think, meaning the only real threat is Corporate Town. Brilliant concept, I can't wait to try it, but Theo needs some added protection. :)

22 Aug 2015 Leviathan

@Mechanoise I've been using Fall Guy in my list as well to great success. Here is my published version: netrunnerdb.com

The last comment in there is my updated list. Version 3 I suppose.

27 Oct 2015 siahofmars

and what does this deck do against haarpsichord?