Tao the Enlightened ( Insightful Guru Tao )

Bl4nk3t 470

I brought his deck to Berlin Store Champs 11/2021 and came in 6th.

Your thought process while playing this deck

The Enlightened is brave and - above all - wise. Insightful Guru Tao knows to avoid the allure of Corporate Mass Media . When blessed with any kind of Vision, the path to Inner Balance may necessitate meditative stress relief.

The Idea is to utilize intel to make best use of our gurus ability and relieve stress through balancing the Yang of Excercise with the Ying of Rest. The former by maximizing the toolbox of martial arts software and sports equipment . The latter by inner balance - combined with of course - personal style.

perspective: you, during the mad dash run

Self-Improvement may be achieved by - perhaps - internalizing a bit of meditative coding , and/or more outlets for destructive impulses.

8 Nov 2021 nimzowitsch

Congrats on the placement with such fascinating lists!

How did three Harmony AR Therapy feel for you? Do you just play them when you draw into them and not recur five cards or discard the first and even second one as dead draws? I've played two of them myself and even then found it hard sometimes to find time to play them. Both in terms on clicks and because you want to recur key pieces you maybe did not use yet.

8 Nov 2021 Longi

Full points for origininality and write-up.

8 Nov 2021 Bl4nk3t

thanks @Longi - hope it helps on the personal way to achieving a Liberated Mind :)

@nimzowitsch The 3-of Harmony AR Therapy did never feel bad. I had cases where I drew 2 early, the second one can be easily ditched (same as the 3rd, should it show up). As the main plan of the deck is to go Insight + Top Hat (+ Mad Dash ) as often as possible/necessary - recurring Insight as soon as possible is a must. When you can recur some econ along side, that's just a bonus - go for it! If you will, the Harmony AR Therapy functions as Insight copies No. 4, 5 and 6 (which is nice in a 40 card deck with this much draw. Is it enough draw? I'm still thinking of cutting something for including a VRcation but it might be overkill ) Only shuffling back Insight and a Sure Gamble is totally worth it.

In conclusion your number of Insight in the grip/ deck should be maximal, and minimal in the heap. The number of Harmony AR Therapy in grip should reflect the potential for change in that direction - thus I think 3 copies is the correct amount.

8 Nov 2021 5N00P1

I'm always afraid when I sit in front of you and I know why.... Lucky we did an ID in round 1 ;-) The Writeup is 5*

8 Nov 2021 nimzowitsch

@Bl4nk3tThanks for your Insightful answer! I just always feel like I want to recur five cards to get the maximum value out of it... which is surely not always the best play.

Later I'll be getting out those Top Hats and building this deck to give it a try!

8 Nov 2021 Bl4nk3t

@nimzowitsch any time :) As commented for your list, you should probably switch out Na'Not'K for Ika in my list - I didn't install my killer the whole day using just Engolo for the few sentries. So maybe cutting a single Mad Dash for a copy of SMC (or even a 3rd Engolo ) might turn out good. It's what I will be testing going forward.