The Spiteful Mind

CodeMarvelous 20015

Try to land some brain damage, use a cerebral to protect shell corp. the second they score, nuke them off the face of the earth with punitive.

29 May 2015 vvribeiro

How could a Cerebral Overwriter protect Shell Corporation? Can't the runner just decide not to access it?

29 May 2015 trogdor

The runner has to access everything in the server

29 May 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Cerebral Overwriter doesn't technically protect Shell Corporation, as the runner can still trash it. What it does do is create a catch-22 that lets you get real mileage out of one or both cards, something that can be a struggle with traps and with upgrades.

29 May 2015 Shiiuga

@CodeMarvelous you devious bastard.

29 May 2015 AfroCelt

would Gyri Labyrinth be good in here? How about Cortex Lock?

29 May 2015 stoppableforce

Gyri Labyrinth would normally be an okay include in here - not better than what's already in the deck - but since Chrome City also includes Net-Ready Eyes, you're going to see Yog.0 out in force again since Yog + NRE craps all over Lotus Field. Sad day for Viktor 1.0, too. (The existence of Net-Ready Eyes has me looking very seriously at Lab Dog, for that matter.)

Cortex Lock is the best fun you can have with 2 credits, but it seems like CodeMarvelous already has his influence all locked up. That said, it could potentially get more mileage in Cybernetics Division than other decks with that four card hand size.

but - not my deck, so YMMV. :)

30 May 2015 AfroCelt

Tried a modified form of this today with Gyri Labyrinth and you're right...too easy to shred. I ran significantly different ice though...and no shell/melange/shattered remains. Lab Dog was great.

Cortex lock is quite good, but if Yog.0+Net-Ready Eyes does become a thing its in trouble as well.

30 May 2015 CodeMarvelous

Try this out its pretty flexible and can actually win the normal way

4 Jun 2015 fs1973

Trick of Light would work great here, but no inf available ;)

5 Jun 2015 kmatz84

@CodeMarvelous Tried it out tonight and it was a lot of fun. It was also the talk of the night at my league as well, so kudos! I'm still a novice player but it went 3-1 (one flat line via a Punitive Counterstrike, one Cerebral Overwriter with two Self-Destruct Chips scored and an old fashioned score out). My only loss came when I couldn't get my Shell/CO set up going and my econ wasn't clicking. I did still manage to score 4 points.

I made a change to replace the Shattered Remains with a Heinlein Grid - which almost worked but didn't quite mesh.

I'm going to try out -1 Melange Mining Corp. and -1 Shattered Remains -1 Adonis Campaign and +1 Shell Corporation (I want to see it sooner) +1 Aggressive Secretary (for a surprise breaker trash - but not quite sure... suggestions?) and +1 Ryon Knight for the runner that think clicking through Ice will get them access. Also, Architect didn't fire for me once, either it was too late, I telegraphed and two of my opponents were Anarchs so Mimic came out in quick order.

I'm definitely going to keep playing this for a while. Thanks :)

10 Jun 2015 dormio

@vvribeiro To be clear, when the runner chooses to access cards in a remote server, he must access all the cards in the server, meaning he couldn't choose to trash the Shell and leave the Cerebral alone.

23 Jun 2015 futureguy

Hi all, I'm a relatively new player and one of the problems I still have is to know what cards played in remotes should be iced and which should not. What cards would I typically ice here?

Also, is there any particular ice that are better placed on certain centrals (apart from Turing).


23 Jun 2015 AfroCelt

@futureguy it's all about the matchup (if you're playing against whizzard or see Scrubber, nothing is safe), but generally things like Adonis Campaign, Melange Mining Corp., and agendas/traps should be protected. Things that are cheap to trash and would be bad to lose without getting full value. Since Jackson Howard can trash itself in response, it protects itself pretty well.

Shell Corporation is a special case; it's an upgrade and therefore you want to place it in a server thats either really well protected or is housing a Cerebral Overwriter thats been advanced....they currently can't trash the economy card without hitting the trap.

That last bit is how I read the rules though and I'd make sure you get corroborating rulings before quoting me.

24 Jun 2015 dasher

How does the econ in this deck go? I am running a very similar deck, the only difference in econ is -1 Melange Mining Corp. and I have trouble getting my econ up.

Mine also has -1 Jackson Howard and a couple of extra ICE. I find I am either getting my ICE, but no econ, or my econ and no ICE!

6 Jul 2015 TheAntsAreBack

Looks good, though a question - there are quite a few 5/3s in there. Is there a reason for so many big agendas? What would you choose to score first and what would you choose to Mushin?

6 Jul 2015 TheAntsAreBack

Is it simply to hit them with a three-damage Punative? It needs a double-hit Cerebral first I guess?

13 Jul 2015 cortexjackal

I love the decks you make. Been playing your Argus deck, but now this is my new favorite. I like to get 5 or 6 advancements on Cerebral Overwriter and then just stack shell corporation. I found myself wanting to just rez the overwriter so they knew that my shell corporation was locked down tight. Am I allowed to rez a trap and just let it sit there? That's something I don't know. I worry about Drive By. In response to`TheAntsAreBack, one thing you can do is just double punitive them. Gotta be mindful of the creds on both sides though.

10 Sep 2015 Smirnoffico

How do you play against e3 implants? Every bioroid is pretty much a click+1-3 creds t opass

11 Oct 2015 SolitaryBee

Vanity Project might be a nice way to hide agenda points and increase the punitive damage. Am trying to make it work in a more horizontal Cybernetics Division build now.