Virtuoso takes no breaks

Diogene 4012

No breakers! This is a demonstration on the power of Virtuoso and it work. Best of all, it is fun!

Mulligan plan : you want at least one card that give you credits.

Game plan : Make one run per turn to see 2 to 3 cards with Virtuoso.


I'm sure the recipe for this list can be improved. Maybe another runner can find ways to do that, for now, this list has been working out nicely for me.

Why breakerless? Because it allow the deck to work with minimal setup, which helps a lot. Since we count on Virtuoso for our accesses, the deck need to set it up as fast as possible.

Why Nyusha "Sable" Sintashta: Symphonic Prodigy, since we do not use the "extra" click for things like Deep Dive. Because the extra click allow us to make runs and still be able to do more setup or draw more.

The unusual exclusion here are :

  1. No Diversion of Funds. The economic warfare comes from Tread Lightly and Leave No Trace. Those cards incentize the corp to not rez. Which is also good for us. I see it this way, a 2 run that is successful is cheap and a good use of ressources.
  2. No universal breakers like Aumakua or Mayfly. Considering we runs often (and mostly) on centrals, those could be good inclusion. But they need supports (economical, MU, etc.) and the deck slots are tight.
  3. Always Have a Backup Plan, which could replace Leave No Trace or Tread Lightly. I went for more economical warfare, but this would work just as well.
  4. No tag protection. No space for it. I think No Free Lunch could replace Career Fair if that was needed.
  5. No Simulchip or Rejig to more the Botulus around. In testing, it was seldom needed to move Botulus and you have a multitude of other tools.
  6. No The Twinning, because it demands lots more setup to work. It would be amazing, considering we could have Cezve and Prognostic Q-Loop to power it up, but it need more combo piece.

The second best card in the deck is probably Backstitching, after Virtuoso. The console is really good! There are some trick that are fun to pull off. Like using Pinhole Threading to take out a problematic asset (looking at you, Drago Ivanov) and then accessing one or two card in HQ because the run was successful on your mark (archive). Sometime, you do your single access on R&D, steal an agenda and then steal another agenda on you access on HQ. Tremendously efficient.

Enjoy this list, it is fun and different. Cheers!

6 Sep 2022 napalm900

I absolutely love this! Completely mad but edge of your seat stuff, looking forward to running this, thanks for sharing!