The Golden Gun

DrunkenGineer 853

Twelve 1-of cards, and a way to tutor all of them. This golden gun has a lot of silver bullets.

Also, this deck looks like a mess if you don't organize it:

The Golden Gun

Iain Stirling: Retired Spook

Events (22)
Draw/Tutor (11)

3x Express Delivery
3x Hostage
2x Planned Assault
3x Special Order

Planned Assault Targets (7)

1x Vamp ••
3x Account Siphon
2x Inside Job
1x Legwork

Criminal Scum (3)

3x Emergency Shutdown

Logos Targets (1)

1x Notoriety

Hardware (3)
Logos (3)

3x Logos

Resources (13)
Hostage Targets (7)

1x The Source ••
1x Rachel Beckman
1x Kati Jones
1x Data Dealer
3x Fall Guy

Recursion (3)

3x Same Old Thing

Tag Protection (2)

2x New Angeles City Hall

Logos Targets (1)

1x Hades Shard

Programs (7)
Special Order Targets (6)

1x Breach
1x Passport
1x Alias
3x Crypsis

Logos Targets (1)

1x Keyhole •••

Order of Operations

Note: while all of this is happening, continue to do regular criminal stuff. Pressure HQ with Siphon(+NACH), get some R&D accesses, etc. Don't be afraid of an early agenda score, in the worst case scenario it's Data Dealer food, otherwise it gets you closer to winning.

There is a general structure of things you want to happen over the course of the game:

  1. Get Logos on the table
  2. Get The Source and a Fall Guy on the table
  3. Grab Keyhole on the corp's first agenda score; replace Fall Guy
  4. Keyhole
  5. About now is probably when you have the setup and money for Rachel Beckman to hit the table
  6. Grab Hades Shard on the corp's second score; replace Fall Guy again
  7. Surprise the corp by playing and popping Hades Shard immediately, nabbing agendas in Archives before the corp can pop Jackson
  8. If you haven't won yet, run like a madman
  9. If you still haven't won yet, grab Notoriety on the corp's third score, then run all three centrals and drop it
  10. If you still haven't won yet, your opponent is very good


If you're unhappy with Vamp and the central breakers, you can try replacing them with Corroder, Femme, and maybe Faeries? Or Inti + Yog + Femme + Crypsis. Or 2x Datasucker. Play around with it and let me know.

Maybe more econ? Iain + Kati is strong already.

Criminal Scum can be tweaked/added to/removed too.

14 Sep 2014 umbralAeronaut

I like this deck. It's a lot faster looking then my own Stirling deck, which has a second Source for redundancy because you can't always have a Fall Guy handy. Have you considered The Supplier, or is that too slow for what you're trying to accomplish? You certainly have a lot more events then is typical for Iain.

14 Sep 2014 DrunkenGineer

I feel like this faster Iain is what he needs to be in the current meta. The extra events are to balance Iain's control style with his Crim background.

Realistically, a second Source is probably the way to go; I'm really stretching him as thin as I feel comfortable with all these 1-ofs, and that may change. I'd also need to actually test the deck, right now it's almost all theorycrafting.

The value of The Supplier will go up if the deck has a second Source. Having the first one in play and the second hosted on The Supplier would be a powerful psychological play. Other than that, I need to see it played to see if its return on investment justifies its deck slot.