Casino Station (2nd out of 34 @domecon, 5 - 1)

5N00P1 834

This deck carried me to a 2nd place (out of 34) for DomeCon 2020 together with my Spooned Hoshiko. This deck went 5 - 1 during Swiss with 0 games in the cut.
Preparing for DomeCon, I wanted to play some Weyland again so I decided to go for Earth Station, as a lot of players don't have so much experience against it, it might get them on the wrong feet and I assumed a lot of apoc (I was wrong) I though Crisium would be a good call.
I tried a version with -3 Global Food Initiative, +2 Oaktown Renovation + 3 Armed Intimidation but I was loosing you would not believe it.... it didn't worked, having 4 more points is crippling. I don't like the Data Raven version, not because it's bad, but I struggel so often with economy that I like the Slot Machine more as it allows you to rez it and often you get the credits back immediatly. And they can't just bounce.
Looking through the different decks:

I knew I want a DRM! To find Project Atlas or Oaktown Renovation mainly and you can tutor it with Consulting Visit to if needed. Based on my discussion with @Saan I wanted something to advance that is not an agenda. Sure there is not top cut, but people might get a feel for the deck during the tournament so NGO Front it was. I thought about replaceing IP Block with Spiderweb to get inf & have some Boomerang hate. And play Reversed Accounts instead of NGO. As often they are attacking somewhere else, you when you try to score and it might open them for a Hard-Hitting News.
3 Crisium Grid was sometimes a bit to much, so I went for 1 Cayambe Grid but I never want to play it when I drew it, so get rid of it, play something else! Either a 3rd Crisium or economy. The deck went 5-1 during the tournament, losing to a 419: Amoral Scammer, he was playing it very well, but I don't find any ICE for R&D, while he loaded his Bankrolls in it finding some points. When I got my IP Block on R&D against his Aumakua, he Stargated me and found 3 agendas. Otherwise I was able to beat: 1x 419, 1x Khumalo, 1x Gabe, 1x Wu (2x Rezeki makes it really hard to tag them) and 1x Hayley.
Thank you to all my opponent, it was fun playing you and would play this 10 out of 10 again (without Cayambe Grid).

10 Feb 2020 boreira

nicccce congrats on the score! earth is a good call

10 Feb 2020 Longi

Hey Snoopi, congrats once again. How do you evaluate the inclusion of DMR and Archer after the tournament?

10 Feb 2020 5N00P1

@boreira: Thank you, really nice deck, should have fallen in love with Argus much earlier.
@Longi: DRM was important! It's basically your 4th Atlas or your 2nd Oaktown and usually Runners don't like to run your hand as Earth Station. Had a run on HQ with rezzed Crisium and could still go for the Atlas, advance, advance afterwards. I would not call it an MVP, but it carried it's weight and would include it again! Regarding Archer it never fired, but I didn't rez that much ICE. So I might go: +2 Winchester -1 Archer -1 Cayambe Grid. But what is an Archer, if you never find it?