Temujin Whiz (3rd Place San Antonio Regionals)

Ziziros 13

This deck served me decently well in my first regional of 2017, but was my weaker side by a long shot. Including 3 games in elimination rounds, this went 3-4 on the day. Wins against Potential Unleashed, HB (moons), and Blue Sun (kill). Losses against HB (FA), HB (moon), Blue Sun (kill), and IG. Lots of losses were due to some bad play calls on my part.

Future changes: I missed having slums for the IG matchup, and it would have probably helped with moons too (although it might be too slow for that matchup). I am not sold on 2 Maw over just 1. Plascrete was meta call, and definitely came in handy against the two Blue Suns I played, but I could see changing it. Kati is too slow for this deck, will probably adjust.