Biggest Ob, soon to be online only: 1-2 at ECG H1 CO

cablooshe 146

Was bored, decided to sleeve up 104 cards. How was your day?

I brought this to the ECG H1 CO, where I decided to bring some weird jank even for me. I'd been messing around with normal ob for a little, and felt like I liked the deck, but kept running out of things I could grab with the tutor ability. The logical next step was to add 55 cards to the list, obviously.

While this isn't actually the biggest possible Ob, it feels like it's hitting the limit for what is physically possible to bring in-person. Also it's extremely inconsistent, which you may have already guessed by looking at the big "104" at the size of the decklist.

Possible improvements

Legit going to work on this one. The biggest issue was the inconsistency of finding cards I can use to trash and proc Ob's ability.

Hostile Takeover is legit a powerhouse here. Getting 3 so I can more easily hit a Malapert Data Vault or Tucana would make this so much better. Once you've scored any agenda with an upgrade or two in the remote, things become sooooo much easier.

I put in the Reconstruction Contract combo in here, more as a joke then anything. One fun play pattern I found though was to drop the Urtica Cipher in the main remote, and if the runner doesn't trash it, I can use it to defend a bunch of upgrades as I set up otherwise and look for a scoring window afterwards. Might drop the Recoco but I like the idea of keeping the urtica.

The ice suite is so much fun, but definitely could use improvements:

  • 3x Anvil I think is needed, to get something else you can trash an installed card with. It might be a better tutor then Border Control early on.
  • Self-Adapting Code Wall was the way I be an annoyance into all this ice destruction going around. I think it's good, but idk if I need 3 of.
  • The existence of 3x Ice Wall and 3x Tithe is so nice to build this weird board of triple iced servers that are just pure annoyances to get into early. Then you trash them for Rime later to prevent shenanigans on your Stavka or something. Or just grab Rashida Jaheem.
  • Yakov Erikovich Avdakov is great, especially with NGO Front and Rashida Jaheem. If you get 1 or 2 big triggers off with him you're probably set for a while.

Long term, I'd probably drop the Oaktowns, drop an SDS Drone Deployment, add a Hostile Takeover, and drop some cards to match the 89 decksize limit.

Big thanks to @FireRL who ran the tournament! Had an great time playing, regardless of my personal performance this time.

30 Apr 2024 Santa

It was wild facing down a tower of a deck over twice my size 😅

Also, using Urtica Cipher, or another trap Cerebral Overwriter to setup, and protect a suit of upgrades is a legit very interesting idea I hadn't ever thought of before. Could setup a SanSan + Arella combo or something like that ðŸĪ”

4 May 2024 xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

I can't imagine shuffling 104 cards, let alone in Ob ðŸ˜ąðŸĪŠðŸ˜…

4 May 2024 cablooshe


I've been looking for alternative traps that would make more sense since net damage isn't really a wincon for my list. my v2 list has Neurostasis, which I brought to the AMT but wasn't able to actually install or fire off that game. Not sure if it's an improvement or not, but I think it's potentially really strong into some matchups. I could imagine that being decent in an nbn list who's already using Amani Senai.

@xFWx FIREBIRD (aka FireRL)

It's surprisingly ok past the first few turns. Personally I feel like 80 cards in rnd is around the sweet spot with single sleeved cards to make it not feel super awkward in a casual setting (It's why my v2 is at 89 instead lol) The problem is it still takes some extra time to feel happy getting a real, truly random shuffle, which is why I won't be bringing this to in-person tourneys on a time limit 🙂.