labbES aka Timed Wins Count Full (12th german nats)

Labbes 384

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Some Testimonials

"This cannot be good - right??" - yann

"I hate this." - tothbebe

"I love this." - Vesper

":cat-excite:" - Jessica, the Phantom of Slack

"I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just saying that if someone can keep up with your economy and stay on top of your trashables, you're going to run into problems." - Jackmade

While testing my runner deck for German Nats I played against someone with a doge avatar on a w2w deck with GT. I did win but it seemed horrifying to play against. I took the idea and tried to put it into the best shell I could. I was pretty convinced that this was the best corp deck (if people play apoc, which this is good against but the other NWE-tested decks I felt are bad against).

I tested some games with NWE folks, but I also played on jnet casual a lot (going something like 29-1). I will not reveal my smurf names but I am a little sorry. I didn't see any runner that could reliably beat it until Pinsel annoyingly figured out the day before Nats that Geist was actually crazy good (incidentally also against this deck).

Get an early w2w running, install shittons of ICE on centrals, maybe 1-2 on the remote. Click for credits a lot. Draw into Cayambe Grids to make centrals even more horrifying. Protect them with Border Controls. Score a Hostile at some point. Bottom agendas with Whampoa. Play really fast because your opponents will despair and think/math a lot. Use MassComm, don't forget you can fetch it with ConVis for a billion credits. Finally score Government Takeover with RPC using as many Biotics and Consulting Visits as you need to get your missing pieces. This version can also score three hostiles and a Vanity (suggested by jackmade), which sounds dumb but I did it twice at Nats so idk.
@lostgeek played the version with punitive (and two hostiles), which imo makes the deck much more interesting to play but maybe less good. It definitely makes your games much faster either way.

Published the list incorrectly, go +1 Hostile Takeover -1 IPO for the real experience. Whampoa is a great meme card but often doesn't work out all that well and should probably be another Archived Memories.


  • NWE for actually testing this with me and giving me the confidence to play a deck I built myself and didn't just cut libs for day jobs lol
  • everyone who helped organize german nats, helped out at the venue and off the venue
  • everyone who came to german nats!
  • wet_toastie for finding my agendas. They were in my hand
  • dome_ for having a great meme idea for the writeup that I didn't use because I couldn't resist baby yoda
12 Jan 2020 Two_EG

doge avatar with this deck...

hey that's me :D

12 Jan 2020 Labbes

It is you! Thanks for playing an inspiring deck and for being a blast to play against :) I hope you realize you have brought much joy to me and lots of crushed dreams to my opponents.

12 Jan 2020 I Am Jessica


13 Jan 2020 percomis


17 Jan 2020 vesper

I do love this! Was a good lesson in Weyland being awesome at being Weyland-yet-vegetarian. 7/10, would run an 11 STR Colossus again. that I hear about the version with 2 Punitives... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Tasty.

I am happy @Labbesdid not have to be salty for me hitting that Govt Takeover by some magical circumstance (1 in... OK, well a 3,55% chance is still a chance). Congrats for a great result!

27 Jan 2020 Skandrino

Hilarious and I can't believe it works so well (tried it to great effect). What about adding a Reduced Service or two, seems to fit well? (For an IPO and CVS for instance)

27 Jan 2020 Skandrino

Also, Winchester seems clearly better than Afshar, no?