Designing the New Frontier

TheBigH 2

Go fast, use your tricks wisely, and be clever.

An idea to import the speed and efficiency of a Precision Design deck into the tricks and uncertainty of Jinteki. Based on the worlds winning "44 card PD" decklist by RotomAppliance.

Go Fast

Saraswati Mnemonics: Endless Exploration offers the "same" efficiency as Seamless Launch with no limitation on needing to draw it (although it does take two more credits): including the install with Saraswati, a 4/2 agenda can be scored out with three clicks. Tranquility Home Grid helps out with the higher expenses of Saraswati over Seamless Launch, and just like in PD allows a continuous stream of agendas to be installed. Rashida Jaheem and Spin Doctor provide speed through draw, and both, as well as the many upgrades, work with Tranquility Home Grid. Predictive Planogram provides even more burst draw. Most of the agendas also provide efficiency: Cyberdex Sandbox gives money from scoring, and also allows for purging of viruses (like Aumakua) while also producing credits to rez ice and advance agendas, and Offworld Office also gives a large amount of money. While Global Food Initiative does not help out the corp directly, it gives the runner less points, buying more time. The ice follows a similar vein, mostly cheap to rez gear-check ice like Palisade that can protect a remote server by itself. Subliminal Messaging provides extra, free credits, and if the runner spends clicks keeping them from coming back it only helps you go faster.

Use Your Tricks Wisely

The main tools available for stopping the runner are Nisei MK II, Anoetic Void, Bio Vault, and Hyoubu Precog Manifold, which all provide "End the run" effects that the runner cannot avoid easily, and a single Manegarm Skunkworks to add even more difficulty. Most of the on-demand "End the runs" can pile up, and can eventually lead to a situation where the runner needs to run the remote server with all of their clicks, but also needs to find their breaker first. Nisei counters are the most valuable resource, and can be used to stop big runs like Diversion of Funds and Light the Fire!.

The goal is to score out as fast as possible, which is usually around seven turns. All the "End the run" options should provide some difficulty for Deep Dive decks, and it is very possible to score out before they can set off the combo. Aumakua ignores most ice in this deck easily, so be very, very careful when positioning ice against it and use the Cyberdex Virus Suite efficiently.

Be Clever

Saraswati lets multiple cards be installed or played while advancing an agenda to within scoring distance in the same turn. Ice can be played, upgrades installed, or even money gained from cards like Celebrity Gift. Another interesting factor is that no one expects a fast Jinteki deck, especially with many people playing very slow grinder decks. Even though there are not any actual traps in here (except for the Cyberdex Virus Suite), people will still expect the Snare!, and play around it, because "Its Jinteki, why would there not be Snares?" Also Jinteki ice is one of the least friendly ice to facecheck into, and people will often not charge ahead as willingly as they would against a deck like PD.

This deck is very fun to play, and at the very least you will confuse whoever you are playing, as seen here on the Metropole Grid ;)

Feel free to leave any comments below, and I hope you enjoy it.

5 May 2022 m.p

What do you mean by no one expecting a jinteki fast-advance deck? Either I´m dumb or there is no FA card here...

5 May 2022 TheBigH

@m.p There is no true fast-advance from hand, but I was talking about the speed of the deck in general and the click compression of Saraswati being similar to the speed of Precision Design.