Quinns' Tier One Gagarin Deck

Quinns 1957


This deck creates many cool interstellar remotes that your opponent will want to check out because they might be a SanSan City Grid or an agenda. But with Paywall Implementation up, just checking a remote is a 2 credit swing. And then they check it and it's another PAD Campaign and they push you over and never play Netrunner with you ever again.

Don't worry. It's ok. There will be other opponents. Time will pass. The weeks will change you, but the deck will remain a constant companion. It will still let you score a Superior Cyberwalls using The Root to end up with more money, stronger ice AND more agenda points than you started the turn with. It will let you advance an Orion three times so they think it's an Asteroid Belt and then they run on it and it's too strong for Knight to break. And it will let you resolve a Data Raven via a Wormhole.

"Trust me," this deck says. "I'm pretty good. Let's be friends."


v0.98 of this deck had two Space Camps in it. It broke my heart to take them out. If you are a good man or lady you will put them back in.

You could also take out the Ash 2X3ZB9CY and the Data Ravens for two Trick of Light if you wanted to go full on fast advance. But that is boring and you are boring and I hate you and I don't think it would be any stronger anyway


Did you know that 7 years after becoming the first human in space, Yuri Gagarin died during a routine test flight while re-qualifying as a fighter pilot?

The KGB's investigation into the crash concluded that he might have either made a sudden move to avoid another aircraft, or he might have hit a bird.


Deck of the week? Nonono. This version of the deck is old! You want this one!

7 Feb 2015 Dread Sovereign

Not actually tier one, at least tier zero

7 Feb 2015 Quinns

nods sagely

7 Feb 2015 leigh

This looks like a pain in my ass

7 Feb 2015 RealFolkBlues542

I suppose the gameplan with Scorch is to have them him Wormhole or Orion and trigger Data Raven for a tag? Or have them in such a blind rage they start running through Data Raven repeatedly for no reason?

7 Feb 2015 Quinns

Running Scorch is worth it just so they can't float Account Siphon tags. If they're doing that, AND ducking all the tags that might come from a Data Raven subroutine, you're happy anyway. That's an economic advantage you can reinvest in just scoring agendas.

7 Feb 2015 ichigokuto

Just swapped out Data Raven and Ash, put in 2 trick o' lights and an errand boy... nice advancement shenanigans... only worry is cutlery at the mo... but sweet all the same ``@Quinns`

7 Feb 2015 ichigokuto

oh yeah... pulled scorched for kaguya too.

7 Feb 2015 Fridan

I've been trying to make something like this work, and now with some of the ideas stolen from here it feels pretty good. Paywall Implementation is a beauty.

I've personally dropped the Data Ravens and Scorched Earth in favour of RSVP and Space Camp. RSVP makes a great protector / tax on those important assets.

I've also got Encryption Protocol for added dickishness. It's another asset for the runner to check and 4 to trash in Gagarin all on it's own. Beautiful.

Also thought I'd make room for Chronos Project because I want to ruin some peoples days.

7 Feb 2015 RealFolkBlues542

Since we're all telling Quinns how to do his own deck, I also cut out DR and Scorched for Wraparound and Daily Business Show.

Also Chronos Protocol is great right now for all the MaxX, so I cut a Superior Cyberwalls for 1.

7 Feb 2015 Quinns

I understand the temptation to go all in in what the deck does best, but taking the scorch out is removing what Weyland does best. For three card slots you change how the runner plays utterly. But best of luck!

8 Feb 2015 scd

I've been playing a new Weyland ID (Titan Transnational: Investing In Your Future) without Scorched Earth lately, and it feels like watching your favorite television series after all the original cast members moved on.

8 Feb 2015 Sojourne

Wait shutupshow Quinn?!!??!

8 Feb 2015 Quinns

Yep! Hey man.

8 Feb 2015 Dydra

I'm not entirely sure we needed another horizontal deck after NEH and Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions :\

If your plan is to gain 1 and runner lose 1, simply by checking the remotes ...

also let's not forget Mr. Imp who will see a lot of play with all the anarch decks and suddenly the assets aren't that expensive to trash :)

Btw since you are using The Root I might just ask here ... is it true that you can use the recurring credits on the card, to lower its rezz cost?

8 Feb 2015 Sojourne

Quinns! Big fan over here. Also a wave to Leigh. How come no one said anything about the write-up? It's so good! Netrunnerdb should have a write-up hall of fame just for the hell of it.

8 Feb 2015 SingleDoubt

@Dydra No on your closing question. Recurring credits get added to cards when rezzed (or installed, for runner) and at the start of your turn. You have to pay all of The Root's Rez cost before the recurring credits become available.

8 Feb 2015 whirrun

This is completely off topic, but for some reason there are no comment or review windows on NRDB in firefox. Is it just me, and does @Alsciende know? Sorry to hijack, and the deck does look cool. Could I recommend fitting in some of the morph ice to work with firmware? Sorry!

8 Feb 2015 Quinns

Thanks @Sojourne!

(Have people here seen it? Leigh's article is here, for reference.)

9 Feb 2015 tuism

Pretty solid no-nonsense great wall deck, could probably (not) be seen from space :)

Always love Data Raven in Weyland. It makes the runner so paranoid. Even at two influence a pop it's pure annoyance :)

9 Feb 2015 grimgravyboat

Are you finding that the Constellation ICE is worth it as the target advanceable ice type? With Constellation Protocol, maybe you're cutting the amount of clicks you need to get a good discount, but what about after you have a few pieces rezzed? Are those counters wasted by not being moved to nastier ice? Are Ice Wall and Fire Wall the inevitable targets for the tokens? Why not a one of of Swarm or a Shadow to help land a tag?

9 Feb 2015 Quinns


My playtesting of the Cosmic ICE has been really strong. Wormhole in particular a Weyland Tollbooth. It's like Replicating Perfect. You're going to lose some agendas while you're getting set up, but once you're up and running (with about four or five advancement counters on the board that you're shuttling around with Constellation Protocol) your central servers lock down hard. 12 credits to get into HQ and then a Crisium Grid behind it, etc.

Swarm's not a good call because the bad publicity negates the taxing remotes of this deck, but Shadow could easily find a home here. As for your question about the counters, I find they never, ever go to waste. They're either sitting on unrezzed Ice or you just move them over to Ice Wall and Fire Wall.

9 Feb 2015 Quinns

That should read "Wormhole in particular is almost a Weyland Tollbooth". Why can't I edit comments? :<

9 Feb 2015 Alsciende

Nice write-up :-) Very pleased to see @Quinns of Shut Up & Sit Down fame here with us!

9 Feb 2015 Alsciende

@whirrun I didn't know. I'll look into it, thanks.

9 Feb 2015 grimgravyboat

@Quinns Alas, Illicit ICE has no place in a taxing deck. Do you ever run any illicit pieces with regularity? I quite like the new Checkpoint but the BP is still a nuisance (esp with Hostile Takeover and Profiteering :p) In my testing with the Constellation ICE, I've found that Asteroid Belt is the weakest one of the group. Have you ever considered bluffing one with an overadvanced Fire Wall? Seems to me to be a better stopper since you can fluctuate the strength instead of sitting at 6. I guess it's worth the include since you're running Superior Cyberwalls. I can understand eliminating the Space Camps, as they aren't that beneficial and pretty situational. Have you found your econ sufficient for both mid game and late game? Does it rely on the Constellation ICE and firing one or two Cyberwalls?

9 Feb 2015 Quinns

Some testing tonight shows it's a little too poor for two SanSans.

It's not -1 San San, +1 Ash, -1 PAD, +1 Marked Accounts, +2 Melange, -1 Constellation Protocol, -1 Root.

10 Feb 2015 DavyRam

What ended up bothering me was the combination of low, low ice count and small agendas. Its very cute and fun to play when it works, but getting flooded half the time is frustrating, particularly in games where you just can't draw a Jackson. You can shell game out the 3-advance agendas, but if you don't have a root out that tends to leave you distressingly low on cash.

10 Feb 2015 Dread Sovereign

Try private contracts instead of melange, can be clicked three times for 6 credits, one less than melange plus it trash cost is an awful awful price for the runner to pay.

11 Feb 2015 Dread Sovereign

DavyRam if you don't like the small agenda small Ice build you can try mine, basically ignores the shell game entirely and taxes the runner to shut down your economy netrunnerdb.com

12 Feb 2015 Wookiee

Needs more Grids.

Mainly I'm just commenting cause I'm totes fanboying over realizing that this is QUINNS! Like, Quinns, man! He sent me a pear once! Well, sort of....

13 Feb 2015 Myriad

@AgentGear This deck doesn't really have all that much small ice? All of the cosmic ice is pretty taxing.

13 Feb 2015 Myriad

@Quinns Thanks for the deck. I had tried and given up on sideways Gagarin, going the dedicated response route. Found it to not really work without cards like midseasons or city surveillance. I really did not appreciate city surveillance in NEARPAD until my attempts at asset Weyland.

14 Feb 2015 ichigokuto

Well, thats decided that for me... was going to take a variant of this to stores champ next week but now its front page i think ill work on my white tree...

16 Feb 2015 Stiban

The data ravens are kinda weird, do they work? Would be really tempting to cut them for 2 architects, but then there would be anything to do the tagging.

11 Mar 2017 zengoshugoju

Somehow I found room for those Space Camps Quinns, and with a couple minor tweaks have been enjoying shuttling those tokens around. I picture the Muppets from the 'Pigs in Space!' bit working as indentured asteroid minors for Weyland...great stuff!