Kidney Stones: Asa

enkoder 686

I'm on a quest to make Bladderwort work in every faction. In order to make it work you need to have some proactive and reactive credit sinks to get you below the threshold since the runner can just sit back and not do anything. Kuwinda is just that. If the runner let's you stick 3 Refuge Campaigns, then you can transfer that money into a Core Damage so you can start proc'ing net dmg w/ Bladderwort. I actually think Kuwinda is required in this deck. What a world we live in.

Because it's Asa, this deck has huge room for flexibility and doesn't have to lean so hard into the prison aspect. You could change up the agendas and position to score out, while you apply pressure w/ Baldderwort, HHN/Boom. The world is yours, my friend.

I've also published an NEH and Ob list, check 'em out!

29 Jul 2022 Cliquil

OK Kuwinda + Bladderwort is a very funny interaction if nothing else.