Kidney Stones: NEH

enkoder 686

tl;dr - prison deck built on Bladderwort

Since Midnight Sun's release I have been trying to make Bladderwort function like a Bio-Ethics Assosiation that you can ice. This obviously seems very strong but it has a huge limitation in that you have to have <=4 creds for it to proc net dmg. I've tried to make Bladderwort work in every faction and think NBN has the best forking game plan since you can do some serious work on little credits w/ Amani & CryptoCrash.

I've also been messing with an Asa list that is using Kuwinda as a credit sink and it's pretty damn oppressive since you can force huge credit swings and recover w/ your CamPAINS and fully operational. Basically, you can make Bladderwort work in every faction, it's a dope card.

The ice in this list are just the best cheapest ice you can find but it's actually pretty effective since you just care about making it harder to trash Bladderwort. This can certainly be tuned but a rez cost of 2 is pretty important since you're generally sitting around 0-4 credits the whole game.

The card that makes this deck actually work is NASX. If you're sitting on 5 credits before start of turn you can dump your PAD Campaign and Bladderwort credits into NASX getting you under the threshold to ping on net dmg. If you've got some power counters on it then you can pop it, HHN, then get back down to threshold level. It makes this deck actually function. As a runner, get smart and trash NASX. Also Peace in our Time is a tech card lol.

The game plan is simple -- Install things, look for scoring windows w/ Seamless Launch, play HHN, and ultimately score out or kill the runner depending upon the tempo and what runner you're playing against.

This deck very likely folds to Apoc and Crim w/ Bones. You can gain the advantage over these decks with Malia + an Ice and some exceptional draw, but a skilled player will know how to cripple your econ and control the board until you flood up. If you need a real miracle to pull off a win, stick an Orbital Superiority on the board and wait until the runner can only clear 3 tags and kill with meat & net dmg. Yes, I am unironically playing Orbital. Post HHN, Psycographics + Orbital can be a wincon.

If I was going to keep iterating on the list, I would maybe tune up the ice, add more Preemptive Action for more prison fun, and try out different agendas. Overall it's quite good, although my testing has been on JNet Casual so it's probably trash in a competitive tournament and folds hard to a well teched runner.

Here's the Asa and Ob list I've published.

28 Jul 2022 Baa Ram Wu

Having played against this deck and then racking up a pretty decent win record playing it myself I can attest to it being truely miserable! Excellent work!

We need to exchange Kuwinda lists at some point @enkoder

28 Jul 2022 enkoder

Yeah! @Baa Ram Wu I was forgetting who mentioned Kuwinda during the writeup and now I remember :) The Asa list is now posted and linked in the description. Thanks for the rec on Kuwinda.

29 Jul 2022 hemraa

Would SIU be useful in this list as an alternative to Kuwinda, and also a possible Orbital Superiority enabler?

29 Jul 2022 enkoder

@hemraa I actually didn't think of SIU! In all my games w/ NEH I never actually had a lot of money for SIU to land since I usually hover around the threshold. I can see a 1x going in though. Could be strong in the cases where the runner trashes your NASX and you don't have a way to duck below 5. Good idea :)

30 Jul 2022 tberton

Just played two games with this and it's cruelest deck I've ever played. Only triggered Bladderwort a couple of times, even - just the Cryptocrash/Amani/Malia/HHN combo is enough to get runners to concede. Well done, you evil genius.