Regass Val (MWL)

bblum 4249

First draft of what I'm switching to. Kate just has too many problems.

26 Jan 2016 JamesG

I run a similar regass val with some differences:

I would swap the scrubber for the second clot ( or drop the imps for the second scrubber and second clot).

Also, I prefer the second smc over 3 x career fair, makes tutoring much easier and CF has the tendency to be either great if you draw it early or useless ( and sometimes it gets peddled)

Also I play 1 yog instead of the 3 parasite, but since you play turntable this can lead to MU.

Finally, I would make room for at least 1 stimhack

28 Jan 2016 moistloaf

is the Vamp really worthwhile?

28 Jan 2016 bblum

the vamp is mandatory

3 Feb 2016 Abstract

@bblum Any thoughts as to whether include DDoS or Run Amok? I've been tinkering with something similar, have found DDoS good for helping Val's early game. How have you found the fastrobiotics matchup?

7 Feb 2016 Manticore

Thanks for sharing this! I took a modified Whizzard version to 1st place at a store championship yesterday and the Vamp & Imp, the two cards I'd have been least likely to put myself, were two of the best cards.

8 Feb 2016 bblum

Vamp rox. Glad to help.

9 Feb 2016 BENJI9520

I went -1 Imp and +1 carapace to help with the 24/7 match up.