6th Singapore Nats - Rushy Jemison

Cliquil 1184

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There were no Jemisons at Worlds

This, as someone who has made a love pact with Jemison, made me sad. And I promised to give it some representation at major events that I attended.

In the old days I would try and create a fork with traps and flatline to make Jemison work. The problem is that NFL and Stoneship both massively mess with this and, in testing, I was typically finding that the games I won were the games I rushed..

So I leaned into it as much as I could.

Essentially you win by somehow squeezing your way to the requisite points before the runner's fully set up probably somewhat in the same vein as Sports does but with the added pressure on handsize that City Works can provide.

At the moment I'm not convinced I've done all that needs to be done here. Its Zaiya tag me matchup is pretty horrific and I'm not convinced that the Anenome are quite pulling their weight.

Dropped 1 game on the day, to Zaiya tag me.

Thanks to Ghost00 for running Singapore Nats.