GvC 2017 Nasir (1.9) (13th Place)

seeds34 38

This was my Runner deck for Gaming vs Cancer 2017. It was a good laugh (I'm lucky a fan of Nasir). I couldn't decied what style of deck to take so built this based on Pinkwarrior's "Into The Nexus (2.0) MWL legal" deck.

Some changes were made based on my style of play and the Archives Interface and Keyhole where added last minute after being suggested by a mate. The Keyhole was a laugh and did good work against a couple of rush decks but the Archives Interface did nothing (the thinking was it would help against asset spam but I never saw any).

The deck performed ok on the day, I lost 50% of my games with it but it create fun tight games with lots of laughs (especially when people realise you’re on table 1 with Nasir).

I'd love to say I’ll carry on playing about with this deck but at the moment I’m not sure where to go without Personal Workshop.

Note: GvsC was a pre rotation tournament using MWL 1.2. IDs where randomly given, my Corp ID was Haarpsichord Studios.

16 Nov 2017 Pinkwarrior

@seeds34 Glad to hear you did well and it's always nice to see a deck based on one of mine.

In regard to where to go without Personal Workshop, I can't say i've had much luck my self i think Ghost Runner & Net Mercur help giving you a way to hide credits but it's no where near the same usefulness.