Thousand Cuts Jinteki [StartUp]

Angelnet5000 71

Berlin Upper Sartup 2021.05.14

Did pretty well with 2/1 win loss ratio.

Pretty standard iteration of the Thousand Cuts archetype for Startup. I prefer Cerebal Overwriter over Urtica Cipher because the latter can't threaten a kill like the old Junebug + Mushin no Shin could, and Ronin is there to make the Runner scared of advanced assets and a well-placed bluff can leave them with reduced hand size and ripe for a kill with a Snare or a Sting. Ice Wall is there to ensure you can always have something to advance twice for Trick of the light. An early House of Knives and a Hokusai Grid make runs on RnD extremely dangerous and can straight out flatline if the Runner hits a Snare on 4 cards in hand.

You can end up agenda flooded in this deck and my favorite bluff is laying down a Sting and another agenda in the open. This often causes doubt to the runner thinking one is definitely a Snare and if they don't run I score the second agenda and leave Sting there for some rounds re-enforcing the idea it's just a wasted Snare only to score it when the Runner is in kill range. Otherwise Spin Doctor can help fix agenda floods.

18 May 2021 Bl4nk3t

Since you mention agenda flood as a problem - do you think the Deck could benefit from including Sprint - maybe saving influence on Ice Wall in favor of Palisade?

Also Karunā seems a bit expensive for the economy included - Tithe maybe could save a bit - but the ice suite is already a bit porous....

19 May 2021 Angelnet5000

I haven't had issues with the economy this far on this deck and most other ice are extremely cheap to rez. The deck is not the most competitive version of Thousand Cuts as it is missing difficult/hurtful to steal 5/3 agendas like Obokata or Future Perfect which make a Cerebral Overwriter bluff much more of a threat. Still though an install into double advance will always provoke much more thought than an unrezzed ice, so it doesn't matter much if the ice suite is porous.