Smooth Operator - Stealth Leela - 1st at Poznan GNK

boreira 602

Lately I've forgot my decks for our weekly meeting and a friend gave me Smoke deck which I found quite strong besides I'm not into shaper. Inspired by that went for this build. The whole idea of the deck is to make Leela's power turns right before the corp score because you can go smooth anywhere anytime

opis w przypadku braku

Deck went 3-1 during a day.

Won vs. Rigshooter Outfit - that was my favorite game, used all my cards for that matchup Clone Chip Labor Rights Political Operative worked really hard for that win.

Lost vs. Rushy Argus - very well played by @Bookkeeper who went just too fast.. in the end killed me after staying on one tag after stealing two agendas one turn, If I had Flip Switch installed I think would catch him up next turn ;)

Won vs. Mti - some cool idea for fast advance Mti build but Leela is good against tree now.

Won vs. PE - was a bit aware of this matchup but menage to play penitenty, set up, save cards in hand and go for a big numbers.

I do prefer Trickster Taka to Net Mercur because foxy gives the exact tempo i need and its 1c Khusyuk call but any of them would work for sure.

also Crowdfunding to Gang Sign the point is to threat all servers all the time and there is already enought 1c cards. If you go for GS slots are too tight too keep stealth and probablly it ends up in not-remote server running build and more clicking for cards and clicking for credits from Armitage Codebusting which i don't find so attractive.

Consider switching Blueberry!™ Diesel for Career Fair and The Class Act / Earthrise Hotel to improve draw not filtering or just add some more good crim cards.

As a post FFG Netrunner player I havent seen stealth crims in action before but found this Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie list made by @TheBigBoy which may work in similar way

For corp took Mtitohonium by @skry as my back up plan, was unbeaten and ended up with 7-1 in total.

It was warm sunny day we played in the garden with home made cookies

Long live Netrunner!

8 Apr 2019 @Bookkeeper

Great performance in the tournament & an interesting deck (being loyal to Leela, huh?). Khusyuk is a scary card!

8 Apr 2019 g4rr3t

Unfortunately, I was unable to trash your Tycoon! Good game, it was very tense, and I agree - one of the best matchups on this tourney :)

8 Apr 2019 boreira

@@BookkeeperThanks and same for you! We play so often and thight games only. Tried hard to switch ID but Leela is too tempting.. no bounce no fun :) And imho its best ID for Khusyuk

8 Apr 2019 boreira

@g4rr3t I've lost Tycoon once or twice, Cloak and all the Khusyuk 's so my last turn Legwork run was looking like that gif ;)