[Borealis Startup] Riding the dragon

Chiphead404 158

It's not proven this deck is bad, but it's proven it's fast. Like riding a Dragon, you somehow try to control it, but at a certain point, when you're unable to slow down, you're losing your head.

I played this deck (for the first time) at the Switzerland National Startup Side Event and made a lot of experience, like:
* Don't run a Snare on the last click against NBN, when you could just draw one card instead.
* When forcing the Corp to sabotage almost once a turn, you maybe should check also HQ at a certain time.
* Thule makes core damage when stealing an agenda, but you win before you die.
This is all basic. But when you're not playing for a certain time, you may forget it.

I loved to play this deck, and the games I lost were such close, that I can't blame the deck, but my ability to slow down when hunting the Corporation with the Dragon.

In case you have Ideas how to use the unused influence, please let me know. If you recommend adding certain breakers, you've not understood the deck. But yes, I hadn't played against glaciers.

14 Feb 2023 Diogene

Amazing deck!

Here is some influence that could be used :

Thanks for sharing!

14 Feb 2023 ataraxis

i am not sure if i am brave enough to ride the dragon. but i am glad you had fun with it!

15 Feb 2023 Chiphead404

@Diogene thank you for the ideas.

Next time I will give the deck a try with
+2 Diesel
+1 Hippocampic Mechanocytes
+1 Basilar Synthgland 2KVJ
−1 Running Hot
−1 Marrow
−2 Wildcat Strike
but not sure if I like the changes, since I prefer simplicity.

15 May 2023 simombo

I'm new to the Nisei cards. So the general idea here is to run the central servers so fast, the corps will never get to put down any ICE, and just score agendas from archives? How do you otherwise handle Code Gates and Sentries??