Going Seidrways (2nd Place at Lockdown #5)

Baa Ram Wu 1314

"Always start with the name" Andy Parsons, 2020

This is my rushy, unbreakable remote Seidr deck that took me to second place at The Lockdown Tournament on Saturday.

I had been playing around with the Seidr, Mason, Border Control combo for a while but my previous versions felt too poor and lost if they didn't get set up quick enough.

With No Apoc and also no Diversion of Funds in this Meta I decided I could make this work with a semi Horizontal Fully operational Plan.

Also it meant that i could come up with a great name for the deck - and that's really all that's important (see quote above)

The deck performed well on the day Just losing twice - once in the final when a wave of agenda flood left me with 7 agendas in HQ and my very first game where an agressive Eddie Kim managed to slow down my set up enough to mill me before I could score out.

The Game plan

You set up a scoring remote which should be 1 Jinja City Grid, 1 Mason Bellamy, at least 1 border control (2 is better) and the first 2 vanillas that you find. Don't waste your other ice on the scoring remote unless you don't draw vanillas.

This creates an unbreakable server - Mason Bellamy costs the runner clicks to run and you can fire the BC when they have no clicks left. As they are losing clicks Seidr can put a BC back on top on R&D which you draw and put back with Jinja at the start of your turn. The best counter play to this is to run last click to avoid the Seidr trigger - but then you are running a Border Control last click. :/

Note - you are not trying to make a 'taxing' server, it will be incredibly cheap for the runner to get through but that doesn't matter - save you other ice for centrals and single iced remotes with Cybernetics courts and Marilyns to get Fully Op Value.

This deck doesn't need to go super wide - 1 scoring server + 2 others is plenty to get great draw/money from fully op. If they run and trash all your assets - don't worry - they are spending time to do that and time is all you need to win!

Once you have enough money to rez the BC and Mason start jamming - a Vitruvious with a counter is the best start or Remote Enforcement if you need to find your second/third BC.

you probably have all the agendas you need to win in HQ and can generally let the runner have free reign over R&D.

Card Choices/Changes:

The remote enforcment could also be a Timely Public Release - RE helps you in the early game, TPR helps in the later game - both are good in the archetype.

The Bass could be a Biotic - I went with bass as it seemed to fit the fully Op Plan better and I can always Red Level it out as a psuedo Biotic.

Choice of 5/3 - this was a tricky one as there are 3 compelling options - Ikawah is amazing with both Seidr and Mason but i was expecting a lot of shaper so potentially a lot of Film Critic. Vacheron is also a great choice but i was worried about stargate which blanks it's ability so I went with GFI as the safest option. A potential change for the future would be to play Ikawah and Malia as a way of blanking Film Critic!

The rest is fairly self explanitory - The pop up window was due to slot machine being banned - but i actually prefered pop up as it was valuable economy on Centrals and will probably keep it in future iterations.

Highlight of Tournament

First Match of the Cut Vs Cable Carnage playing Chaos Theory.

This one came down to the absolute wire we're both on 5 points I have a game winning megaprix in the remote and 1 card (a drafter) in HQ. Time is called at the start of Cables turns. He Installs Stargate, Runs R&D breaking The drafter protecting it with pelangi and Euler - Sees a GFI and trashes it. He runs Archives, I pull the GFI to HQ with a Vitruvious token and he runs last click into HQ for a nailbiting 50/50 and accesses the drafter. I score out for a super close win.

We then spent at least 10 minutes discussing all the possible lines CC could have played finally working out that he did indeed take the correct line for that turn This was an insanely close match and was an absolute blast to play.

Thanks go out to Vesper for running such a great event.

Congratulations to Longi for taking the top spot and thanks to all the Players I faced and played games against: Zanetti, Blackcherries, Testrunning & Theoneakaneo

2 Jun 2020 Longi

Hey man, nice deck, just the name itself deserves a like :)

2 Jun 2020 Cpt_nice

Really clever, and it was brilliant when I saw on stream the runner struggled with 2 Vanilla

2 Jun 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Thanks @Longi

@Cpt_nice - this is probably the thing I live about this deck the most - locking people out with a remote made of vanillas is v. amusing!

3 Jun 2020 Cucin

Always nice to see original deckbuilding effort in such ID like Seidr. It seems good:-)

4 Jun 2020 Baa Ram Wu

Thanks @Cucin- it’s been performing pretty well in standard too although it doesn’t like Hactivist at all!