Reductive Mti (3-1 at Bristol SC)

swabl 388

Reduced Service is a very good card and has an absurd amount of potential out of Mti, which when combined with all your Nisei counters can positively wrench open scoring windows. So I took my previously published Mti list and jammed 2 copies in.

Himitsu-Bako is a perfectly fine replacement for IP Block, which isn't as punishing if they have AI out but also isn't as trivially walked through if they don't. It costs the same and has the added benefit of being able to pick it up and Mti it elsewhere if you desperately need to move the ETR.

Inazuma is an interesting replacement for Slot Machine. Same numbers, isn't a sometimes-economy card, must be in front of another piece of ICE BUT does become a must-break if it is (usually, sometimes they just tank the DNA Tracker), at which point it becomes deliciously efficiently taxing. It can be a bit awkward but Mti is best-placed to take advantage of it.

With those swaps saving 6 influence, I still needed to save 2 slots. Cutting Shipment from Tennin was easy, because it's a bit too conditional (although being able to install a 5/3, Reduced Service AND advance it twice is compelling...), and cutting the Preemptive Action didn't feel too bad in the end either - Reduced Service should, in theory, reduce the amount of pseudo-Nisei counters you need to spend to score out.

And with absolutely no testing, I took it to the SC and it won 3 of its 4 games:

  1. Win vs Freedom. Flatlined on an Anansi
  2. Win vs Az. Scored out
  3. Lose vs MaxX. They were also on @Nemamiah's MaxX list and let me tell you, that crushes Mti. Losing 2 agendas early from R&D also didn't help.
  4. Win vs Gnat. Scored out

Runner didn't do as well as I'd have liked (and that round 3 was a 2-4-1 that I lost) leaving me 14th out of 23rd overall.

Unfortunately I didn't get to see Reduced Service as much as I'd have liked, I think only getting to use it once or twice in situations where they might not have challenged the remote anyway, so it still remains a bit hypothetically good. I never felt bad about having it, and didn't miss IP Block that much (did miss Slot Machine a little though). Future changes? Maybe replace Philotic Entanglement with Corporate Sales Team for a bit more money, maybe rejig the ICE suite a bit to get some more mid-range stuff there, maybe find space for the third IPO, who knows. This is certainly an avenue worth continuing down.