Still fast, still good (GNK winner)

Longi 1645

2nd at 12 people SC

I replaced Grisium Grid with Spin Doctor since Crims are no more (RIP) and changed Bran for 2nd Ansel since it is a pain in the ar*e for prevailing Anarchs. The deck lost just once in the top cut.


Yet another version of the rush PD build that has been here for a while. I took the Crisium version played by @RotomAppliance and did following adjustments:

+1 Anoetic Void, -1 Border Control (just missed the strong combo Anoetic + Manegarm)

+1 Tranquility Home Grid (2 copies seemed not enough), -1 Crisium Grid (I needed the influence for 2nd Anoetic plus the card is situational and I want the deck do its thing, not to react on the game of opponents)

-2 Magnet, +2 Hagen (the Botulus isn´t around as much as before; also crims face-check the ices a lot in order to slow down this deckil I want better punishment)

Went 3:0, defeated 419, Zahya and Tao.