Who or What is a "Password Reset" - 3rd MTL CO

Weltgeist 176

As mentioned in my corp writeup I completely blanked on my NRDB password when it was time to register for the Circuit Opener, so I've reconstructed my deck here, in the account I made on the spot.

This is a pretty straightfoward run-based Padma. Grab your turtle, grab your boat, and start hitting those centrals. DJ into Sable and Deep Dive for the win. Ultimately went 2-2 on the day. The two SMCs should definitely be Into the Depths but otherwise I felt comfortable enough piloting it and will probably keep at it until I can really make it sing.

Once again, thanks so much to David for organizing and to everyone in the MTL Netrunner scene who made it such a great event! It was wonderful seeing all your lovely faces again.