Missing Turntable (APAC Continentals 2020)

hurryupharibo 1

This list is based on @Manticore Val deck (https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/60646/good-stuff-val-black-lives-matter-5th-in-swiss-). I swapped out the Turntables and Street Peddlers for Keiko and Poemu for extra econ, as I wasn't doing so well against CTM and I thought the econ would help.

Unfortunately this had a really bad showing at APAC Continentals 2020 (it went 1-4) and I think it's because the current meta is a lot faster than I expected (Weyland Rush) and because I installed stuff when I ought to be running. In hindsight should have keep the Turntables and swapped the Peddlers for +1 Paperclip and +1 Orchestra to avoid being gearchecked early. I've been playing Val a lot since I got back into the game a few weeks back as it used to be my go-to ID for Anarch in 2018, but I think Val might be somewhat of an outdated ID for this super fast meta.

Thanks to Nisei team for organising a very well run tournament too!