Last Minute Smoke (Euros 29th)

Kelfecil 1804

Report and full deck explanation here: LINK

Link to Corp deck: LINK

6 Jun 2017 Cpt_nice

Proud of you <3

6 Jun 2017 Kelfecil

Wouldn't have played it if I hadn't see you do well with Smoke Cpt_nice. You know that ;)

6 Jun 2017 Cpt_nice

@Kelfecil Happy to be of service. I am always happy when people rep shapers.

8 Jun 2017 Thosma

Maaaaannnn i was looking for you, i would offer you an Hunter Seeker, you deserved it. You know everytime i'm talking about the Euro, i'm talking about this game and that moment when you told me "man i got Film Critic and everything bla bla bla /laughing ". I remember that i told "man we'll see who will laugh at the end ..." you know i'm still laughing ? Really thank you man for such a good laugh ! Hope we'll meet again !

NB : you should learn how to use Film Critic, it isn't easy to play with.

8 Jun 2017 Kelfecil

@Thosma: F u :') Thanks a ton for the games man! XD I honestly hope we get to play against each other again some time! Those games were freakin' amazing! But yeah, apparently Film Critic is hard to use :p