Seemless Ag

Countzer0 88

This went 3-1 at the Chatteris SC: winning against 419, Loup and Wu - losing to a 419. When the new cards came out I went back to the Ag list I took to Worlds and wondered if I could fit in Void and Skunkworks. And it turns out you can, but you shouldn't. Void is a trap - you can't afford to lose 2 credits and 2 cards everytime the runner checks your remote - and Skunkworks is ok, but probably not worth dropping Border Controls to fit it in. So after that initial testing, I settled on trying Seamless Launch and found it a much better fit. Combining it with La Costa creates a decent never-advance threat for all of your agendas, forcing the runner to make awkward choices whenever a card is installed in your remote. Other than that there's probably nothing too special or noteworthy about this list. The Ice and econ can probably undergo some tweaking - Hansei Review is ok though can be awkward with the trash, and it would be nice to find some other decent Sentries to fit in here.