I drew the nuts against Jason Deng and boomed him on turn 4.

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2018 Canadian Nationals 3rd Place - Won every game (4-1) except loss to eventual winner Eric Caolli.

One of the many nuts draws I was blessed with in the tournament: Imgur

As I prepared for Canadian Nationals - a recurring sense of frustration amongst players was the lack of viable corps. This is in fact was a desperation choice that ended up paying off very well.

The anarch matchup (the only one that seemed to matter over the tournament) is winnable. Archer, as you all know, cost 12 to MKultra, which almost always takes a big chunk out of their stack. Economic warfare was not really expected, and is an incredible follow up into HHN.

I scored a lot of stuff out naked over the weekend - (food, armed intimidation) etc. People often think your agendas are NGOs, but they aren't.

This deck cannot handle a long game. It is designed for all-in play. It is an all-in deck. I wish to thank @TheArete for his deep understanding of this playstyle.

I will do a write up later - but many of the games I played with this are on stream - and pretty funny to watch.

I in no way recommend that anyone play this btw - it is not very good. But if you are desperate, as I was, then this may be the deck you are looking for.

Oaktown (renovation) should probably be Atlas. Armed intimidation is not as good as it looks on paper and should probably be Oaktown (renovation, not grid).

The title of the deck is based on my game against my friend Jason Deng. I drew Hedge, ngo, econ war, boom, and hard-hitting news in my opening hand and boomed him on turn 4. I just want everyone who reads this to know that. ;)

I want to say finally that I had tremendous fun playing this at nationals. Congratulations to my brilliant opponents in the finals Steven @Chromaticaly Jecmen, Eric Boivin and Eric Caolli. Shoutout to Aron @Chouxflower Celovsky for his extraordinary Argus play which served as the inspiration for this deck.

Shout to @tugtetug @mr.jank @elzilcho andre @amavric gomezji @roberto linto @d1en @tf34 @crunchums for their discriminating deckbuilding choices and support

19 Mar 2018 igrekk

How good wash Ark Lockdown, MCA Informant and Wake Up Call? They seem to have no synergy with kill plan.

19 Mar 2018 spags

I'm down for any deck name that calls out a bested opponent.

20 Mar 2018 SimonMoon

The first and likely only Argus deck that i will ever thumbs up primarily on the grounds of the deck name.

The deck itself is pretty good and the author is correct in noting the deck should have Atlases (and probably a single Audacity). Well done.

20 Mar 2018 mo0man

RIP sunny

20 Mar 2018 creditzathotmail

@spags 100%! @SimonMoon Audacity would have really helped to close the game absolutely. Oaktown has some redeeming features but atlas is almost certainly better. @igrekkk Wake up Call is cheap to play and can get rid of maw, which I never faced. I can easily be cut. I would recommend mixing some of the pieces to maintain some unpredictability - a key ingredient of the deck. I got lucky with ark lockdown which won me a game vs Josh Hoppenstock. If my lists did not have to be revealed I would also consider ghost branch.

25 Mar 2018 nialbima

I've been running something similar-ish in Argus with this suite (mine's got more FA), and I really like it.

  • 2x Armed Intimidation
  • 1x GFI
  • 3x Atlas
  • 2x Oaktown
  • 3x Hostile

The Armed Intimidations are REALLY good when they land but without FA tools that's likely trickier. Your deck might do better with something like 2x GFI, 3x Atlas, 3x Oaktown, 3x Hostile, 2x Standoff.

27 Mar 2018 creditzathotmail

@nailbima I'm sure this suite works! I've been trying a variety of other influence splurges including MVTs, Special Report, Sea Source, Exchange and others.

There is a latitude for some unpredictability - you don't want to be too safe or obvious.

Misdirection is a problem -as is Nobody Home