Mumba Tempo (2nd Place, Redcap's SC)

internet 799

This deck went 6-2 at Redcap's SC on March 2nd:

  • Win against Apoc Val
  • Win against Apoc Val
  • Win against Pawnshop Hayley
  • Win against Spycam Hayley
  • Loss against Crowdfunding Leela
  • Win against Spycam Hayley
  • Win against Spycam Hayley
  • Loss against Pawnshop Hayley, when I had a guaranteed win ready next turn....and found that I had installed a Jeeves as a piece of ICE.

The goal of the deck is to do as much as possible in as little time as possible, ideally scoring 7 points before the runner can reliably execute their game plan. The usual suspects all make an appearance here (NEH, Turtlebacks, AAL, Jeeves), which allow you to get exceptional value out of each asset that you install. Rashida + Jeeves power turns are usually enough to set up the pieces to line up score chains. TS + Amani Senai turn scoring blank 4/2s or 3/2s into tempo-positive turns - and eventually bury the runner by chaining score->install agenda->bounce something turns - and Amani can salvage leaky centrals by slowing down the runner.

The ice suite is a mix of cheap gearchecks and high subroutine counts. Endless EULA is taxing enough to deter constant centrals runs, and Vanilla/Tour Guide/Enigma are stellar ice to shove points behind. EULA is also solid scoring ice if the runner is trashing all of your assets - barring something truly dreadful (e.g. 2x Mining Accident, an untimely Apocalypse), it's unlikely that they'll have the credits to do everything you're making them deal with.

I'd swap out the CVS and CalTest, probably for Arella Salvatore (more on-score triggers) and an asset of your choice. Another Amani Senai isn't a bad idea - the first is ultra-important, although multiples are kind of crummy.

In all, this deck is fun, flashy, and makes for great television. Especially play it if you want to show Ed Kim who's boss.

Cheers to everyone at the Redcap's SC for being absolutely fantastic, and to conphas for the inspiration of the deck.

4 Mar 2019 kevintame

I saw that final match. Such a bummer!!! I love this deck and asset spam.

4 Mar 2019 scd

Hey internet, psst, Jeeves isn't ice.

Still, great showing. Was happy to see some good ol' fashioned, honest Netrunner -- aka ASSET SPAM -- on Stream this weekend.

6 Mar 2019 thebigunit3000

This is a wonderful deck for wonderful people! Watching you play it on stream was a blast. =)

15 Mar 2019 bigfleet

@internet I'll bite, what's the gameplan via Apocalypse -- pray for a Tour Guide for a central? How's the Nexus 419 matchup?

19 Mar 2019 internet

@bigfleetAgainst Apocalypse, they usually telegraph it by installing DDoS; if you can Amani Senai it back, great, otherwise overice a central of your choice. Sandbagging installables isn't a bad idea, since if you do eat an Apoc you can 3x install the turn after and start rolling again; if you can fire Jeeves + Rashida the turn after Apoc, you're in stellar shape.

Against Nexus 419, it should be heavily in NEH's favor. Amani Senai is just so stellar against install-heavy deck, and so long as you don't eat an untimely Doof you can start rolling long before they can.