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tzo 15

This is a deck that utilizes net damage for tempo and can grind to the finish if necessary. There are no shell games here. There will be one scoring remote that will ideally have a code gate and a sentry on guard, and maybe another ice on R&D.


With only 7 ice, this deck utilizes upgrades to help protect the severs. But the ice also all have 3 subroutines for Boat and Boomerang. If runners are expecting the not-so-devastating sentries that are being used in the current Mitosis builds and facecheck on in, well, surprise! That’s a faceplant.


The full NGO, Hedge, and Rashida package is supplemented with 2x Hansei Review, which combos nicely with Subliminal Messaging. But Hansei has some other good targets if you’re strapped for cash, as you can pitch a Hangeki, a late game ice after you’re all iced up, or even an upgrade. If you really need the 5 credits, you do what you gotta do. Tranquility Home Grid can also provide a stream of credits.

Card Draw

Full Spinny/Rashida sets, Tranquility Home Grid, and a single Superconducting Hub.


3x Snare! for HQ protection, 2x Ganked!, and 1x Prisec.


Yes. Hangeki. Make the runner have to steal another agenda or send them through a nasty ice. And as I mentioned, possible Hansei Review fodder. Or maybe this is a horrible card. Not sure.


2x Hyoubu Precog Manifold. Not a guaranteed stopper, but worth a couple of spots. 3x Void, 1x Skunk.


1x Malapert Data Vault.

The Pile of Upgrades

Maybe you’re facing Smoke and she has Afterimage, Penrose, and a Mantle or two installed. Even if you have a sentry and a code gate stacked up, those breakers can cut right on through pretty easily. So the point of most of the upgrades (and the lockdown) is to ETR or send them back through a third ice. Once those stealth credits are used up after two encounters, a third encounter can be rough for the runner.

Agenda Suite

Changes from the current Jinteki hotness, reducing the count by 1: -1 House of Knives, -1 Sting!, -2 Blood in the Water, -1 Regenesis, +3 Viral Weaponization, +1 Superconducting Hub. Against good runners who end their turns with 4-5 cards in hand, the Bloods look really bad. The Virals really can be devastating tempo scores that can also remove key runner cards. The Hub draws cards and increases hand size, which Void really likes.

If this deck gets out to a fast start with turn 1 econ, ice the remote and install an asset or agenda, it’s tough for the runner to catch up.

With the recent bans, runners will have a harder time funding their operations if the game goes long so the Plan B grinding has a better chance of success.

It’s still a work in progress, but this is the starting point. Any and all suggestions welcome.

18 Sep 2022 is44ru

The only Ice that could work with Hangeki would be trap ice like Chrysalis because they work on access. Other ices do nothing like when you access them from HQ and RnD.

18 Sep 2022 tzo

Ah, thanks! Goodbye Hangeki. Gonna think about what to replace them with.

18 Sep 2022 tzo

Ah, thanks! Goodbye Hangeki. 2x Prisec, I think.

18 Sep 2022 tzo

Ah, thanks! Goodbye Hangeki. +2 Prisec, I think.

19 Sep 2022 tzo

It has now evolved to this:

Agenda Agenda (11) 2x House of Knives 3x Obokata Protocol 2x Sting! 1x Superconducting Hub 3x Viral Weaponization

Asset Asset (13) 1x Calvin B4L3Y ● 3x NGO Front 3x Rashida Jaheem 3x Snare! 3x Spin Doctor ●●●

Operation Operation (6) 2x Hansei Review 3x Hedge Fund 1x Subliminal Messaging

Upgrade Upgrade (10) 2x Anoetic Void 3x Ganked! ●●●●● ● 1x Manegarm Skunkworks ●●● 3x Prisec 1x Tranquility Home Grid ●●

Barrier Barrier (2) 2x Palisade

Code Gate Code Gate (3) 3x DNA Tracker

Sentry Sentry (4) 3x Anansi 1x Mlinzi