[Startup] Quetzel: Poison Doll Pressure

PowerlessCube 283

Aim of the Deck

Starting Hand

Ideally, some economy and draw or access to Poison Vial.

Possible Changes

Why this Deck is for YOU!

  • You like aggressive decks that undermine big barrier and annoying NBN ice.
  • You are too proud to play with boats
  • You are not proud enough to play Criminal
  • You like something different and you enjoy underdog IDs.
22 Feb 2023 Kobayashi

Looks neat! Asmund Pudlat cannot tutor Hush.

22 Feb 2023 PowerlessCube

@Kobayashi Ah yeah, your right. I suppose I was: A) Stoked about hushing NBN ice B) Hush can move to different Ice! I genuinely skipped that part on the card when playing on Jinteki.

I’ll edit that bit, to not include hush in the Asmund tutor.

23 Feb 2023 AKSpiritBurner

Thanks for posting this! I have been brewing my own deck like this for a bit, so it's interesting and exciting to see what others are doing. I didn't think of the Doll icebreaker though. I went boat and another botulus. Will have to try some of your ideas. Definitely adding Asmund in.

23 Feb 2023 PowerlessCube

@AKSpiritBurner Thank you for the kind words.

I've been playing +2 Imps, -2 Scrubbers. I feel you get a bit more milage out of Asmund Pudlat to tutor out your destruction as well as your access and money.

7/10 would recommend.

25 Feb 2023 PowerlessCube

Sick! Decklist of the week! Thanks guys, much appreciated and flattered.

25 Feb 2023 PowerlessCube

Just FYI for anyone who was like "Where are the boats?", I'd recommend looking at this version of the deck here.

It was based off the brief chat Metropole Grid had about the state of Anarach in Startup right now.

27 Feb 2023 Baa Ram Wu

I like the deck - I’m wondering how much benefit you get off the Marrow - and whether just playing t400’s would give you almost the same benefit but without the being a liability against HB decks on Ontological.

27 Feb 2023 PowerlessCube

@Baa Ram Wu Valid substitute, admittedly I probably over looked the T400s and just went to want was considered the go to consoles for Anarch.

I've favoured Marrow due to the memory, the sabotage but mostly for the hand size for 2 credits.

Depends how you feel about, you might want to sub out -2 Marrow for +2 T400 Memory Diamonds

28 Feb 2023 Greasythumb

I like the idea of Quetzal with Poison Vial, but I think I'd want to double down on that and include breakers that combo with it like Num and Boomerang

28 Feb 2023 PowerlessCube

@Greasythumb Boomerang - Rotated from startup.

1 Mar 2023 MindControlMouse

Yay a fun Quetzal deck! Always wanted to try this ID but never could figure out how to make it work. Bonus points for going all in on the Russian Dolls instead of Boat.

2 Mar 2023 Greasythumb

I've done a Standard version with the basic premise of 'Poison Vial in Quetzal' and the full Keiko and the Companions economy suite. It seems real strong. It gets in very reliably and fast and it's swimming in cash. Using Twinning for accesses.

13 Jul 2023 DDDydra

I made a Quetzal deck using System Gateway & *System Update 2021 netrunnerdb.com

That deck you made looks fantastic!