Jesminder Sareen has won me more playmats than any other ID

Sanjay 3429

I didn't have a lot of time to prepare for this Store Championship I was going to, so while I would have loved going on a voyage of exploration with Apoc Jesminder, Flip Switch Geist or Direct Access Apex, I ended up playing a deck I know and love: Stealth Jes.

As an aside, I tried to get "Kitty Purry" to catch on as a name for Stealth Jesminder but I am accepting defeat and begrudgingly admitting that that isn't happening. Alas.

I have a few thoughts about a few cards:

"Baklan" Bochkin: First of all, I love him. What a sweet potato. Second of all, I think he is both really good and really fun, plus when you play him in a Jes deck you feel just oh so pleased with yourself. I want to play more Jes decks with Baklan in them even if between the DJ Fenris and the Hot Pursuits the influence gets a little dicey.

Trickster Taka: Speaking of influence getting dicey, while I love this card, I don't think it justifies the 3 influence. Every time my friend showed up to help me hide my fears, everything got a lot smoother, but at the end of the day, Baklan brought me more joy.

Khusyuk: Replacing Turning Wheel with this is probably bad but saving influence feels really great given how happy I was to spend my influence irresponsibly.

Daily Casts: Have you heard of this card? I built this deck from an empty deckbuilder page and forgot to put in this really good neutral econ. This was not a conscious choice and I do not endorse this act of heterodoxy.

Pelangi is good too. Thanks for listening.

The deck went 2-1 on the day.

3 Apr 2019 CryOfFrustration

Hang on.... is your only fracter basically Pelangi????

5 Apr 2019 BlackCherries

I feel like I'm missing a joke/the joke but he's got Gauss.

Who needs stealth fracters anyways???