[Startup] Bo-Atwoman | 3-2 @ Spanish Nats | 2nd Overall

Gaxeco 219

Boat + Atman feels good

This is the funky deck I decided to go with in the Spanish Nationals for the startup format. I won agaisnt PD, NEH and MirrorMorph and lost to 2 PD with NAC + upgrade spam.

This deck excells agaisnt decks with cheap ice with our tools:

Sec Testing => Charge Boat + Load Leeches.

Light The Fire! over Clot to win the tought PD matchup.

Stargate, almost never used it in the tournament, this was my PE answer.

NO SMC IS BAD => -1 Scuba Dive

The 46 card is a Maker's, it felt good

No Free Lunch is just Drago protection

Overall it felt pretty good in my playtesting, I expected way more R+ and Prav than HB in the tournament and it costed me a lot of my sanity :)