The Origin Of Iain

PackBenPack 96

Now I know what you're thinking. No wait, you could be thinking one of several things like:

Why is your deck 49 cards? Why did you spend 6/10 influence on one of the worst breakers in the game? Why do you only have X copies of X?

Well the answer to those questions is I'm bad at deck theory. What I am good at, however, is playing Iain Sterling. I'm also bad at spelling his last name.

This deck hasn't lost yet. Now, granted, I've only played it 5 times on OCTGN, and 2 of those times my opponent didn't know I'd be playing a current, but hell - they count.

Most of this deck is classic Iain. Gather up your homies and then plan big game-winning plays with Legwork. Find Kati Jones and Mr. Li as fast as possible, set up your Access to Globalsec / Underworld Contact combo and your Oracle May / Motivation. Maybe most importantly get your Logos out as soon as possible. Use Fall Guy to keep New Angeles City Hall around so you don't get Sea Sourced since this deck doesn't run Plascretes.

The tricky part of this deck are the breakers. You want to get Darwin out a couple of turns before you think they're going to start making moves. Then you let him grow. You want to use the core breakers as last resorts - keep Femme and Darwin going for maximum efficiency. You're going to be getting 2-5 creds a turn anyway, so the hit on Darwin doesn't really hurt you in the long run. Also if they spend a turn wiping virus counters - GREAT! There's many more things that this deck would rather be doing than running, and the corp just gave you a free turn to do that. (This is a great time to play those core breakers and hit them with an unexpected siphon).

And remember, it's not the deck - it's the pilot. So you have to be as bad as the deck to pilot it correctly.