STILL rigshooting - 37th @ EMEA 2023

Berzelius 301

I started playing rigshooter 6 years ago and it's still my favourite archetype. We lost a lot of tools during the years, but I think that, in the current meta, it is still viable, more than it was before the rotation, even moreso when combined with the new Weyland fast advance package.

Some deck choices:

And a small report:

  • T1 win vs Techgin (Tāo + Hermes): nightmare matchup, with constant bounces and swaps. I manage to score out when we were 6-6!
  • T2 lost vs Veronica (Lat): I see no ICEs and get dissected.
  • T3 win vs Maelig (Sable): I manage to shoot all the breakers thanks to a surprise Archer on archives and Trojan Horse. Game Over finished all the hardwares as well.
  • T4 win vs Sebastianik (Arissana): it's a chore, but I manage to trash all the breakers and lock out the runner.
  • T5 win vs Bartman (Esâ): turn 1, Esa mills me 4 agenda points, but I manage to lock the runner out from the scoring remote and close the match.
  • T6 loss vs Sosia (Hoshiko): Hoshiko dominated the board.
  • T7 win vs Cobalt (Ken): once again I trash the breakers and score out.

Thank you to all the organizers and players!