Tranquility PD - 4th at Netscape SC

RotomAppliance 2500

This is the corp I took to 4th at Aki's tournament, going 6-0. It carried my mediocre runner hard and is still fun to play after over 100 games on Jnet. The deck beat Zahya, Jesminder, Smoke, Maxx, Maxx and Val, though the Smoke and Val wins were ridiculously lucky.

The premise is well known by now and switching the La Costa Grids for Anoetic Voids seems to be the direction most people have taken. In addition to giving you a strong defensive upgrade, it means you can play Tranquility Grid, an excellent econ card for a deck that wants to jam as often as possible. When VLC got banned, I added the third Tranquility Grid and the 2 Advanced Assembly Lines due to the good synergy with the Grid and Drafter.

I switched the second Eli for a second Magnet at the last minute and am happy with that call. The ice apart from that is mostly standard fare and is flexible enough to play a fast or a long game depending on what the runner is doing.

I think Ikawah is worse than Food and I'd play the latter if influence permitted. Dropping a Border in order to play Food and perhaps a second Spin Doctor is a change worth testing, even though Border is obviously very strong.

Thanks to Aki and the team for running a 70 person tournament online! It was a lot of fun.

9 May 2021 rustryder

I wouldn't call the Valencia game ridiculously lucky. Well deserved 4th place.

11 May 2021 Matuszczak

Congrats! What are your thoughts on Vacheron? Haven't tested GFI, but I liked it so much more than Ikawah in PD or scoring Sports.